The forex market is the most liquid and actively traded financial market in the world. On average, more than $5 trillion exchange hands on the forex market. This trade volume surpasses global equities by 25 times by comparison. At its core, the FX market is an OTC (over the counter) market, where trading is facilitated via telephone between market participants and the banks. Trading is also conducted on electronic platforms.

Before now, only institutional banks and other big financial institutions were the players on the forex market. Today, the narrative is no longer the same. Millions of forex enthusiasts, regardless of their trading capital, now access the market. In fact, people now trade forex with as low as $100.

Forex brokers are electronic platforms that facilitate forex trading. It is crucial to trade with a reputable online broker; otherwise, you risk losing your trading capital. It is in view of this that the team behind the FX list offers stuff for everyone.

FXlist is a platform that reviews and lists the best forex brokers for traders or investors to make an informed decision. The teams behind FXlist have ample experience and expertise in the forex space. With knowing the dynamics of the market, they have a stringent yardstick they used to test each broker featured on their platform. In other words, any broker listed on FXlist has been tested to deliver best-in-class forex services to FX traders.

Why Forex Traders Prefer FXlist?

Today's forex traders prefer FXlist for so many reasons, including:

  • Competent team: FXlist parades a competent, knowledgeable, and experienced team that understands the dynamics of the market and the operations of forex brokers. The team knows exactly what to check when testing a forex broker for reliability and genuineness.
  • Test Yardstick: FXlist doesn't just carry out a surface test like their competitors do. They dip deep to find out the genuineness of a broker. FXlist tests for features like regulation, reputation, ease of deposit and withdrawal, trading platform, customer support, and much more.
  • Broker Review: FXlist also reviews all the brokers listed on their website to further buttress their tests and for traders to see the results of their tests in real-time.

About FXlist

FXlist is a platform that lists high quality forex brokers operating in the market. You will also find the review of each broker on the FXlist platform. The mission of FXlist is simple - to help forex traders make an informed decision when choosing a forex broker to trade with.

With hundreds of brokers joining the space, it can be completely overwhelming to choose a reputable broker to trade with. Except you are an expert trader, the chances of choosing a wrong broker at random is very high. As such, FXlist has made things easy for you by researching the forex market and presenting you with high quality brokers for you to deal with.

With FXlist, you don't have to worry about checking the reliability or user-friendliness of an online broker. The team behind FXlist has already that on your behalf.