Success is a measurement of accomplishments. Of course, your success is measured by goals that have been set and accomplished. It is your personal measurement. Accomplishments should be worn proudly, displayed for all to see.  In this issue we will discuss the rise and success of a highly successful Dr. Eli Joseph. He has paved the way for his family and future generations. He is the true epitome of “Don’t give up.”, “You can do anything that you put your mind to.”, and lastly, “Success has no preference.”.

 In 2019 he became the First-ever graduate to obtain a DBA Degree from Felician University. In this same year, becoming a member of The Culture Forbes. Also nominated for in Forbes Under 30 Scholar editions in both 2018 and 2019. Not to mention, a TEDx Speaker in 2018, Finalist for Morgan Stanley Quantitative Finance Prize for Excellence in 2018 and lastly, a Member of Grammy Recording Academy.

 Meet Dr. Eli Joseph (born Elisee Joseph).

 Born on June 2, 1994, and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Dr. Eli Joseph is an educator, researcher, and businessman. He is a faculty member at Columbia University and Queens College. Dr. Joseph is a member of the Recording Academy (NYC Chapter). He is also a partner and medical examiner at Quest Diagnostics, Clinical Reference Laboratory, Science37. 

In 2015, Elisee Joseph obtained a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Queens College, City University of New York. In 2016, he completed his master’s degree in Business Administration from Brooklyn College. In 2019, Joseph completed his Doctorate degree in Business Administration from Felician University, becoming the first-ever graduate to complete the curriculum at the age of 24. 

 The vision behind his career was to diversify his skills and get involved in multiple industry sectors (finance, education and health care). Dr. Eli was just 21 years old when he graduated with his Master's in Business Administration. His career began in Wall Street as an analyst at a bank that specialized in home lending. After 6 months, he left to pursue his doctorate degree in Business Administration. While completing his doctorate, he then became interested in teaching college courses.

 Dr. Joseph’s career as a college professor started in 2017 when he became a faculty member at Queens College. Subsequently, he was presented the opportunity to serve as an associate faculty member at Columbia University prior to receiving his doctorate degree. 

 In addition to teaching, Dr. Joseph became a partner and medical examiner at Quest Diagnostics and Clinical Reference Laboratory Inc. where he served as a paramedical liaison with hospitals, clinics, and Fortune 500 insurance Companies. 

 As accomplished as Dr. Joseph is, you may ask, “What more will this man accomplish?”.  We have the answer.

A Message from Dr. Joseph:

“My goal for 2021 is to build my real estate portfolio. I am currently in the process of purchasing investment properties now.” 

What advice do you have for someone striving to follow your career path?

“Two major aspects of life that anyone should focus on is their network and their ability to embrace adversity. Your network of advisors, mentors, and sponsors play an important role in "entering and staying in the room". The ability to remain resilient plays an important role in being able to adapt to challenging situations in your career such as rejections, economic turmoil, and a global pandemic.”


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