With the impact of the new corona virus epidemic in 2020, eCommerce has become a must for every company. Both traditional industries, B2B or B2C will need adapting to the ecommerce environment. But, designing an online store is not easy.

Traditional brick and mortar stores and successful stores would all need to be located in crowded areas; B2B needs to participate in different exhibitions and meetings with guests; and some special industries, such as aromatherapy, death service and other industries, most of the processes cannot be online; while facing the challenge of the epidemic, this reporter compared 20 web design companies in Hong Kong, In the scoring test, seven indicators will be used to measure their capabilities, including: website design, team experience, pricing, website system, production speed, security and technical support. The reporter tested and produced the same industry websites, and found the best web design company.

Bingo-Hong Kong's leading web design company - The Most Reputable website design company

Achieving good results in all scores, with a score of 66/70, making it the best service provider among the test subjects is BINGO(HK)。


Bingo (HK) was established in 2010 and has produced more than 8,000 websites, including the Hong Kong ID Card Replacement Program, HSBC, Friends of the Earth and the century-old brand Samsonite. They have a top governance team, including former professors of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University; their own CMS is sponsored by the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park, and the system is upgraded every year; as a government service provider, the BINGO system has passed OGCIO S3, G17, OWASP Web Security Testing Guide (2020) and Acunetix and other verifications.

The best thing about Bingo (HK) is its high-quality project management. Compared with other companies who need a lot of guidance in production; Bingo (HK) has shown admirable professionalism when quoting; the production speed is quite satisfactory.

The reporter learned that Bingo's unique ROI design plan can allow the website to get more traffic and return. Bingo's customers have successfully earned more than 40 million in revenue within a year. The most important thing for an eCommerce store is to bring sales, and whether it is considered in-depth when designing it will definitely affect ROI. As far as we know, no other company has started research on ROI.

Bingo is one of the few in Hong Kong with a dedicated customer service team which provides 24-hour support. The editor once tested the query at 3 in the morning, and someone solved the problem within 5 minutes.

Finally, the website has been verified by security experts and no loopholes have been found. It is the only five-star in the web design industry.

Qualified service provider (scores between 38-70)

Service providers at this level are actually not bad, but they will each lose their scores under certain scoring standards. For example, some providers charge too high a fee, which is three times more expensive than BINGO (HK); The CMS system used by this web design company is very complicated to use, which makes it difficult for companies to support in the future. It is worth mentioning that some companies chose WordPress without including the security testing. The reporter found obvious vulnerabilities when handed over to Acunetix for testing; The reporter also tested the after-sales service. Most qualified service providers can respond to reporters’ questions within three to five days. At this level, most of the providers are not available on Saturdays, Sundays and early morning. If you produce an international-level website the customer must come first. In general, they all have room for improvement, and I suggest that they should improve their strength as soon as possible to avoid being eliminated.

These Include:

YSD HK Limited (55/70)

Ipulse (55/70)

Moni group (53/70)

Lolli (49/70)


Dhost (45/70)

Fee Creative WECREATE (42/70)

Inspirr (41/70)

Black Media Group (38/70)

Unqualified service providers (scores between 14-34)

The scores obtained by service providers at this level are all unqualified and the situation is not ideal. Acunetix found more than 200 errors on the websites produced by the vendors with the lowest scores, which are vulnerable to hacker attacks. Some service providers have slow production speeds. At this level of web design companies, most of the response speeds are relatively slow. Some companies did not respond to reporters' questions three weeks after receiving the deposit. The company that produced the longest website had not yet completed the website design (about 4 and a half months) after the deadline.

These include:


East Technologies Ltd (34/70)

Wow Creative (32/70)

BIZ BUFF (25/70)

Kevin Web design (25/70)

Well Develop (25/70)

MassMedia -HK WordPress (22/70)

Mul Brand (20/70)

Dream Design (15/70)

Fan Work Shop (15/70)

EcShopCity (14/70)