The world of modern architecture has been transformed by Kobi Karp Architecture and Interior Design, which has offices in both Miami and a branch in the Middle East. The award-winning architect and his firm have designed over 36 billion square feet of properties around the world, earning them nearly every accolade under the sun and praise in hundreds of publications, including Architectural Digest, Forbes, and The New York Times. Karp is known for his holistic approach to projects, which involves integrating into a location’s narrative and amalgamating the design with the local flavor—from topography to culture. We caught up with the man himself to delve into his process, find out how he creates “experiences” rather than just buildings, and to learn about the company’s latest developments.

Yahoo Lifestyle: What sets you apart from other architecture firms in the industry?

Kobi: The firm’s drive is derived from the experiential connection to the real world. KKAID specia

lizes in collaboration with clients to reach each project’s mission, while remaining within budgetary parameters, and fully understands the need to create viable commercial, residential, and mixed-use environments that produce a valued return on investment. Our approach to the project from philosophical and psychological appeal to the sense and environmental, historical context of our designs. The projects tell emotional stories.

Yahoo Lifestyle: What is your creative process like? How do you find inspiration for your work?

Kobi: I draw inspiration from the history and site itself to each individual project. The design of the development is a dynamic relationship between the local environment and the history of the site itself. Understanding the culture, heritage and environment creates a foundation of unique design solutions which appeal to the social, economical, philosophical, and emotional orientation of the guests and clients.

Yahoo Lifestyle Your designs are a huge part of Miami’s architectural scene. Can you share your thoughts on the city’s evolution over the years?

Kobi: Miami’s transformation over the years in terms of style and architecture has been a reflection of the growing community which is made of the multinational and collection of individuals of our country traveling and moving to Florida, domestically and internationally. The city’s design is inspired by the vernacular of the environments in which they reside, complementing their logistical and historical contexts.

Yahoo Lifestyle Can you tell us about your new book, Kobi Karp by Ian Volner? How did you choose the projects highlighted in it?

Kobi: It’s a carefully curated collection of my life’s work, and encompasses a wide range of projects—from luxurious mansions and hotels, to historic landmarks and affordable housing. The projects selected were based on design merit and uniqueness in relationship to their success in their final product. Specifically, each one of the specific projects were very well received by the community and the end users.

Yahoo LifestyleWhat’s in store for Kobi Karp?

Kobi: There are many exciting projects pending right now which are responding to the current pandemic health and environmental concerns. For example, the Raleigh Hotel and Residences neighboring Richmond and South Seas Hotel in Miami Beach. The SLS Resort Residence & Marina in Hallandale Beach. A new development of the Diplomat golf and Tennis Club in Hallandale. The luxury Legacy Hotel and Residences in the Miami World Center.