The Homebuilder client is offered diverse, multiple, unique and excellent home automation features in their new home community 

California’s premier builder, The Olson Company, headquartered in Seal Beach, California, has been bringing the best in connectivity, automation and eco- features for its clients since 1988. Olson Homes come with a bundle of incredible features. They offer the best in affordability, ease of acquisition, and ultimate value addition through technology.

The Olson Company’s partnership with local, state agencies and cities ensures that they provide the most pocket- friendly new home communities located in the most in- demand urban centres of the state. They devise and offer complete multi- tiered solutions regarding critical issues. These issues span community redevelopment, affordable for-sale housing, sustainability and transportation. Their impressive work portfolio includes building more than 11,000 single family attached homes, single family detached homes, live/work and mixed-use in-town homes spread across 100 cities.

An Olson Home spells complete excellence. An array of optional and included features give you much to choose from and enjoy. It comes with the cherished advantages of saving time, minimizing your eco-footprint, and simplifying arduous routine tasks through the effective use of the latest technology.  

Olson “Connected Homes” are equipped with energy-efficient features to reduce your monthly bills. These features help save water and electricity. Technology is leveraged to provide accurate information on your visitors, open your door with an e - key, open and close your garage doors just with a command and also inform your lights that it is time to switch off for the night. All this is enabled by excellent Wi-Fi coverage through pre-wired network devices.

The Olson Homes promise not only delivers the ultimate value and excellence for its clients with the purchase of their homes, but also brings an unparalleled sense of happiness and well-being for them! 

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