The world may have changed a lot since the past year; however, certain things did not. Like the growth of many professionals and entrepreneurs across the world, working exceedingly well in their respective fields. These individuals have exuded every bit of becoming the greatest and have gone ahead in their quest to inspire many others worldwide. These talented beings have gone beyond boundaries and have created a unique niche for themselves, which has allowed them to come at the forefront of their chosen industries.

Let’s get into knowing more about these Top 12 entrepreneurs to watch out in 2021.

Paul Getter

Paul Getter, also known as The Internet Marketing Nerd has worked with some of the top entrepreneurs online, A-List celebrities, professional athletes, Fortune 500 companies and more. Many people credit him to the success of several major personal brands. He’s often been called “The guy behind the guys”.

Instagram: @Paul

Maria Molino

Mario Molino is a social media entrepreneur with her own online fashion brand called “The Haute Maven Boutique”. Doubling down on her Social Media firm, THM Social has been a catalyst for tons of brands to establish themselves in the fast-paced market of social media.

Instagram- mariamolino

Jesse Brown

Jesse Brown aka J.B, founder/C.E.O. of B.A.G. Management Global Talent Inc has been creating ripples in the creative marketing and promotions industry through his firm. Having worked with newbies as well as established talent his firm has become one of the most celebrated agencies in the U.S. It has reportedly crossed over $950,000 in earnings and is all set to become the global leader in coming times.

Instagram- uknojb

Dan james

Dan james has been successful in digital marketing since the age of only 14. Dan was born and raised in London, Uk and has built up an expertise in social media growth and management. He is managing high profile clients inducing artists, models and brands and scaling their growth on social media to maximise their exposure and engagement.

Not only has Dan been highly successful in social media marketing, but he is also writing his book to spread positivity among young people today and encourage them to reach their goals.


Chadd Black

With over a decade of experience under his belt, Chadd Black “The Mogul In The Making” has become one of the biggest and most influential Black Business & Brand Ambassadors in America and abroad. His robust ability to influence and add value to a vast variety of brands simultaneously, is indeed quite impressive and extremely unique. Chadd Black is a “Deal Closer” and will only ascend from here!


Nano Stasiak

Nano Stasiak is no stranger to the hustler lifestyle, in fact, he’s been selling all sorts of things since was 12 years old.  Today, the 26-year-old has built an incredible reputation that backs his full-service digital media agency, Impulso Media. The Spanish word impulso, represents meaning, drive, and perseverance for Stasiak - and directly translates to momentum in English. Stasiak has leveraged his network to create meaningful relationships between brands and influencers, at a time when influencer and celebrity endorsements are a regular part of any digital strategy. His work with Shakira, Alexis Ren, NELK, and Demetrius Harmon are humble notches on his belt, as he continues to make noise in the online space.


Kelsey Nicole

Kelsey Nicole has built a firm foundation in Artist Management & Relations over the last decade by way of KN Management where she serves as Founder & CEO. As a Black Woman and Entrepreneur she’s definitely a leading lady in Entertainment and certainly an asset to each of her talented clients! Media Maven Chadd Black says “ She’s been through more than we could ever handle in this industry but, Her comeback will be the real “Story” you don’t want to miss!

Instagram- @itskelseynicole_

Lenny Rakhmanov

Lenny Rakhmanov was inspired by the incandescent lights surrounding him in NYC from a young age. This lead to the creation of  NYC Ads Co; the top online & outdoor marketing agency that has been transforming the entire 5 boroughs of NY. 2021, NYC Ads Co is expanding nationwide! With its massive success already, they have developed a sister brand: US Ads Co. This achievement will now break the limits of working solely in NY. Lenny will now be able to bring his success to a city near you!

Instagram- dr.advertise

Boris Medvedo

Boris Medvedo, a young stock trader, entrepreneur & mentor known for conquering the trading industry at a young age, has dedicated his life to learning the ropes behind one of the most complicated facets in the game, day trading.  He offers a lot of flexibility with his programs, and he is a very skilled trader that his students could learn from just by watching him do his own thing.  To know more about Boris and his current limited time offer, make sure to visit his site

Zach Lalwani

As COVID-19 uprooted businesses nationwide, Zach Lalwani - an entrepreneur - used the recession to his advantage. Launching a clothing brand that has now reached 110 different countries, Prodigy Collections, has beaten the odds of surviving and scaling through the pandemic. Zach Lalwani now uses Prodigy Collection’s to fund ventures in marketing, real-estate, and cryptocurrencies. Rising through the adversities presented, Zach Lalwani has fought through continuing to prove his name in the unyielding industry of serial entrepreneurship.

Instagram-  Zach Lalwani

Michael Robison

Michael is a serial entrepreneur, investor, advisor and strategic consultant. He is focused on helping companies become focused and aligned around a solid culture and leadership structure. His clients have included Caesars Entertainment, The Wynn, Coca Cola and many others. Michael helps entrepreneurs align with the right funding, partnerships and building a great team. You can learn more at

Frank Sinopoli

Franks past is most recognized for starting, scaling and selling Canada's first digital grocery coupon to $20 billion tech giant CGI. Currently, Frank is the founder and CEO of Grocery Neighbour, the worlds first chain of mobile grocery stores which was recently named the Global Retail trends & Innovation award winner for 2021 (Nike won 2020).  As a strategic advisor, Frank recently shifted his focus from advising top tier brands to now solely helping startups find their critical path.