Law is considered one of the popular professions in the world and is often known for its reputability. Emerging as one of the lucrative fields of the industry, numerous lawyers have experienced strong growth while representing some of the most unconventional cases in society. Whether it's about fighting for the rights, making amendments for fast track court trials or adding extra efforts to solve a certain case, the contributions cannot be overlooked. In the world of law, here are some top lawyers who have been extraordinarily adding support to various cases and we look forward to witnessing their exceptional work in 2021.

Jose Baez

Jose Baez is an American attorney and author of "The Inside Story" known for his extraordinary style in the courtroom and have been "shocking the world." The 47- year old dropped out of school and joined the Navy, bagged his GED and eventually got his law degree from St. Thomas University School of Law. His practice substantially covers the complex and high-profile criminal and civil cases wherein he has successfully managed the cases of celebrities and athletes too who prefer anonymity. Jose throws a spotlight on his unforgettable case of the murder of Nilton which is referred to as the "biggest legal upset" since O.J. His extensive knowledge and experience have startled the courtrooms various times. Currently, successfully serving numerous clients across the U.S., he is working on prevailing issues of society.

Non-Equity Partner

Non-Equity Partner have been widely attracting attention while taking the legal world by storm. The social media profile Bill Moore, also known as Non-Equity Partner has been popularly doubling up the followers with their unique and cheeky satirical posts about the world of white-collar professionals, especially lawyers. The page has managed to captivate 100K+ followers with its ability to creatively exhibit the legal world. His experience extends to support corporate mergers and acquisitions. Intending to address the space of the modern legal system and adjacently adding a hilarious touch to the content, the page has managed to elucidate a sizeable audience. While the page's audience is engaged with some good laughs and up-to-date information, the admin has still kept his/her identity a mystery for "professional reasons."

Kimberlee Gee

Kimberlee Gee's efficiency and commitment towards her clients makes her one of the top lawyers in the legal space. Thriving in Litigation support, her business, Kimberlee Gee Legal is a micro-niche legal outsourcing business that caters to solo practitioners, small and mid-sized law firms. Began her career as a labour and employment attorney in Washington, D.C., she has been representing employers and employees on a large scale. Her services usually come with a tag of commitment and determination that aims at becoming their client's valuable resource. While her extensive experience has been adding value to numerous clients out there, she generally believes in meticulously curating her services and attention for lucrative results.

David Bruno

David J. Bruno is a co-founding partner, Former Assistant Prosecutor, and National TV Legal Analyst with Robert A. Bianchi, Former Head County Prosecutor who has been successfully balancing the scales of justice with The Bianchi Law Group. While David is known for handling criminal defence, municipal court, and domestic violence cases in all 21 New Jersey counties and in the District of New Jersey, he has been ceaselessly growing with a team of expert and eminent lawyers. Known for unparalleled approaches in navigating successful executions, their team is meticulously prepared for curating strategies for individual client requests. They lead a team of Former Prosecutors who aggressively defend their clients charged with crimes and DUI/DWI, and in domestic violence restraining order cases. David's legal excellence, commitment and tenacity have added some extraordinary success in his clients' cases.

Yazan Haymour

Yazan Haymour is a third-year call at the Alberta Bar and is currently practising in Calgary, Alberta. Known for his brightest presence in the world of law, he has strongly gained extensive experience in numerous areas. His expertise and experience in Litigation, Surrogate matters, Family Law, Personal Injury and Real Estate has made him an all-rounder in the field. Yazan has actively worked on multiple issues and has completed hundreds of hours in helping his clients to serve with the best of results. He offers his clients personable services that are intricately curated according to the delicate nature of their respective matters.

While there are numerous inevitable situations, getting the right legal advice can fairly resolve issues in the fastest and smoothest way considering the experience that lawyers hold. These top-rated lawyers have been increasingly adding support in numerous situations and one can follow them for seeking beneficial services.