Eversince he made his musical dbut in April 2020, Young Zwann has been a sensation amongst the Indian millenials. The rapper who is now prepping for an international career, recently announced his upcoming single 'Dubai Dreams' in which he would be seen performing alongside Young Thig's label YSL Records artist 'Lil Duke'.

Zwann who is known for his music that reflects his own jouney, also has an interesting aspect to the story. While it is highly common to find family rebel stories amongst rappers as there is not much appreciation from parents for Rap music, Zwann'l stands out as an exception. Talking about his father Young Zwann said, "My father has always been supportive of whatever I have done in life. He never made me realise of the sacrifices that he has made for me. I draw my biggest inspirationn from his personality, he is an extremely positive person and I absorb all my optmism from him. Coming from a small village in India, my father had to face a lot of societal pressure as being in the creative profession doesnt bring you any respect My father has still stands by me regardless of what people speak tohim about me. I owe my entire life to him and I would always be grateful for whatever he has done for me in life. Through this medium, I would like to thank him and wherever I would be in life I would always be proud of him."

Zwann is all set make a mark in the international rap scene, as Dubai Dreams is all set to release soon!