After Salman Khan’s Race 3, Fans Start Trending ‘We Don’t Want Dabangg 3’ on Twitter
Looks like Salman Khan's Race 3 has scarred fans a lot!

Now that is quite a surprise! Something that will give you a sleepless night. This is not like anything we have seen before. Fans have started a trend on Twitter which says, "We Don't Want Dabangg 3". We are not sure what started this but it sure is entertaining to read all the tweets. It's surprising to see so many Bhai fans against another installment of Dabangg. It was one of his most popular films and a lot of kids, fans imitated his style in the film. But looks like Race 3 has changed everything. Fans want him to focus on Bharat and not do Dabangg 3 at all.

Well, can't say we don't agree with them. There are also fans who are calling other Bhai fans fake just because they don't want to see Bhai in another Dabangg franchise. Race 3 got terrible reviews by not just critics but also fans. Despite the bad reviews, it managed to enter the Rs. 100 crore club. Race 3 has majorly disappointed fans, especially the ones who loved the previous Race films. Fans are also comparing Dabangg 3 with Tubelight and others films that didn't work like how Bhai films usually do. Some of these tweets really make sense!

Here's what Twitter has to say!

When you're too scared of tagging Bhai himself:

The harsh truth:

Sachcha fan!

And another one!

Truth bombs much?

After seeing what Race 3 did to fans, Salman decided to release Bharat before Dabangg 3 next year. According to reports in Mid-Day, Salman wants to release a film with substance after fans expressed their disappointment with the Race franchise. What are your thoughts on this? Tell us in the comments below and stay tuned with us for more.