'Haven't you had a girlfriend in a long time or what?', Shahid Kapoor's Epic Response When a Reporter Tried to Bother Kiara Advani For her Kissing Scenes in Kabir Singh
Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Shahid Kapoor is not really a people pleaser and he won't hesitate to show you his irritation. At the recent round of promotions for Kabir Singh, Sasha was in his true element, taking a sarcastic dig at anyone who tried to act smart with him. It was during one such question when a reporter tried to bother Kiara Advani. Kabir Singh the remake of Arjun Reddy is a classic tale of love and heartbreak and there are ample of romantic scenes between its protagonists. Kabir Singh Trailer Review: Shahid Kapoor Nails his Arjun Reddy act and How! Watch Video.

When a reporter questioned Kiara Advani about the same, she initially laughed it off but the Haider star was in no mood to take a chill pill. "Haven't you had a girlfriend in a long time or what?" was the actor's perfect response when the reporter tried to change the topic. When the reporter tried to misquote him, he ended the discussion by saying "Let the kissing be. Ask about something else - people have acted also in the movie." Shahid Kapoor Wants U/A Certificate for Kabir Singh, Says ‘Important to Tell Stories Without Sugar Coating’.

The crowd was mighty impressed with his firm reply and Shahid continued to answer other questions. Now that's how you handle such unwanted questions and we are glad for the actor didn't prefer to ignore it. Despite being a remake, he believes that a majority of the Hindi population hasn't seen Arjun Reddy and for them, Kabir Singh will be an original movie. Well, the trailer looks promising and we can't wait to see the final product on the big screen.