Riding the colossoal wave of supreme success at the ticket windows, with his outing Bhool Bhulaiyya 2, Kartik Aaryan is the new Rs 100 crore plus magnet of Bollywood. Blame it on his boy-next-door charm or the ease he has about himself, Aaryan enjoys an enviable fandom and following (both on social media platforms as indeed the hysteria he generates when he steps out--in the form of his movies or quite literally!).  Success has come to him consistently and the brand Kartik Aaryan is only growing at an unbelievable speed. Kartik Aaryan Reminisces ‘Silvat’ Days, Thanks Filmmaker Tanuja Chandra for an Amazing Experience (Watch Trailer)

On a rather windy evening, Aaryan speaks exclusively to LatestLY to talk about his success at the ticket windows. "Earlier people thought it was just a fluke or just a flash in the pan, but the consistency of your success makes people realize the hard work and the discipline that has gone into earning that success. Honestly speaking, I have just focussed on what I love doing--which is acting and playing different characters as I get excited about their stories more than anything else. Things have turned out well for me I just can't complain," insists Aaryan.

Ask him how he keeps that chirpy head ( with a mop of thick hair that every shampoo brand would like to cash in on) leveled on his shoulder, and Aaryan doesn't blink even for a moment before giving that straight-out and honest answer. " I come from a middle-class family and the strong roots of my background as well as my upbringing, where you respect what you get, help me stay who I am. There's no other way to be than to be me. I don't think there's any conscious work involved in keeping myself steady and sane. I will always be this Individual that you have seen all along," stresses Aaryan. Entertainment News | Kartik, Mr 200' Hasn't Changed Even After Success of 'Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2' :Kriti Sanon

"I don't consider things changing around me affect me majorly. It's all part and parcel of the game. I feel humbled but even if things around me are changing--this buzz and brouhaha that you are referring to-- I won't fundamentally change at all. Things around me may change, but I will always remain this guy from Gwalior who had dreams and ambitions to chase," he signs off.

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