Khichdi 2 - Mission Paanthukistan Movie Review: The Parekhs are back, and this time their antics are crossing borders into the fictional country of Paanthukistan. Penned and directed by Aatish Kapadia, Khichdi 2: Mission Paanthukistan picks up where the beloved Khichdi series left off and serves as a direct sequel to the 2010 movie spinoff that didn't exactly work at the box office, but remains a time-pass venture if you have caught it on OTT. Khichdi 2 Song 'Naach Naach': This Energetic Track From Supriya Pathak, Kirti Kulhari, and JD Majhethia's Film Will Make You Groove to Its Beats.

The Parekhs are recruited by Kushal (Anant Vidhaat, in his second role in two weeks as an unfortunate intelligence officer after Tiger 3) of TIA (Thodi Intelligence Agency) to aid in the kidnapping of Paanthukistan's shahehshah, leveraging Praful's (Rajeev Mehta) uncanny facial resemblance to the cruel despot. Their mission also involves rescuing a top scientist abducted by the Shahenshah. However, with the Parekhs at the helm, chaos and trouble are inevitable for both the spy agency and Paanthukistan.

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The first Khichdi movie was an underrated comedy, enriched by witty lines and the chemistry among the lead cast. It featured two standout sequences that remain hilarious to this day: Satish Shah's cameo as Yamraj in the opening scene and a funeral sequence with clever parodies of popular songs. Khichdi 2 attempts to elevate the absurdity with an even more outlandish plotline and gags, although its appeal to those unfamiliar with the Parekh dynamics is uncertain. The family's unique equation is not exactly everyone's cup of tea, where members frequently put their frustrated patriarch Babuji (Anang Desai) in mortal peril reaching new heights in the sequel where he is even made to wear a bomb vest and accidentally blow himself up.

A Still From Khichdi 2: Mission Paanthukistan

What continues to shine is the fantastic camaraderie among the lead cast, allowing even the silliest gags and one-liners to elicit at least a weak chuckle. Scenes where Praful dons the Shahenshah's attire and comically misunderstands Jayshree's (Vandana Pathak) instructions provide uproarious interactions. The opening scene featuring Pratik Gandhi's cameo is equally amusing, reinforcing the unique qualities each member brings to the Parekh family dynamics. Apurva Movie Review: Tara Sutaria's Film is a Missed Opportunity When It Comes to Crafting a Gripping Survival-Thriller.

A Still From Khichdi 2: Mission Paanthukistan

Regrettably, the humour isn't always consistent, struggling to survive against a disjointed screenplay tasked with justifying the appropriately nonsensical plot. The addition of a couple of songs becomes a cue to check your phones, and Kirti Kukhari's entire track, along with her romance with Himanshu (Jamnadas Majethia), feels forced into the plot. While her character was crucial in the first film, the actress, whose clout has grown considerably since then, is limited to two songs (one of which, her presence wasn't even necessary) and one half-funny sequence involving a women's prison and Lamhe's Anil Kapoor!

A Still From Khichdi 2: Mission Paanthukistan

The second half of the film, in particular, grapples to maintain the laughs as the Parekhs attempt to rectify the Shahenshah's misdeeds in Paanthukistan. The introduction of a killer bot, played by Kiku Sharda, injects some humour when faced with the obstinacy of its victims, but overall, the laughter runs out of the necessary fuel to sustain it. By this point, even Praful's attempts to explain English terms to his laid-back partner Hansa (the wonderful Supriya Pathak Kapur) lose their charm.

Final Thoughts

Khichdi 2: Mission Paanthukistan continues the legacy of the Parekh family's comedic escapades, blending absurd plotlines with the quirky family dynamics that made the original film and the series memorable. While the sequels succeeds in maintaining the camaraderie among the lead cast, delivering occasional laughs through their ingenious interactions, it falters in maintaining that consistency throughout due to a haphazard screenplay and unnecessary subplots.


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