Sara Ali Khan on Her Equation with Janhvi Kapoor: We Understand One Another
Janhvi Kapoor, Sara Ali Khan (Photo Credits: INstagram/Sara, Janhvi)

Sara Ali Khan and Janhvi Kapoor, both, made successful debuts in Bollywood in 2018. The comparisons between the two were inevitable. Guilty as charged. Gone are the days when two actresses who have been pit against each other by the media or the fans becoming bitter towards each other. Today, women only want to support each other. And these two ladies are the shining example. Sara opened up about her equation with Janhvi, in an interview with HT Cafe. She said, "We have been friends before either of us came out and said that we want to be actors. So I have nothing but positivity and goodwill for her in my heart," Nepotism In Bollywood: Sara Ali Khan Agrees With Janhvi Kapoor's REAL Remark!

The Kedarnath actress further added, "We are both comfortable in our skin and we don’t only understand one another but also understand the industry. We also have respect for every person who makes collages and compares us. I don’t think either of us is ever offended by these comparisons because we understand it is inevitable. People are going to compare us and that is okay. We are public figures now and this is what we signed up for. Whether it is the way I look, the way I talk or my personal equations – they are all in the public domain and these aren’t things I can run away from," Will Sara Ali Khan's Dream to Work With Varun Dhawan Come True? The Actress May Sign Coolie No 1 Remake.

"We are both mature enough to understand that the industry is big enough for different people who are honest about their work, and we are both honest. So there really is no problem there," Sara added.

Who even is interested in stories about catfights in 2019? It is so good to see the gen-next of actresses change the scene in Bollywood. We hope to see Sara and Janhvi working in the same film together some day.