Shah Rukh Khan Says India Has Best Stories to Tell to the World, 'Narrated to us by our Parents, Grand parents'
Shah Rukh Khan (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Mumbai, December 1: Shah Rukh Khan on Saturday said India is a home to some of the best tales which deserve to be told to the world. The 53-year-old actor said it is important to make sure the younger generation is aware about the glorious culture of the country. "I believe India, Mumbai have best stories to tell. Our grandparents, parents used to tell us so many stories and we need to keep them alive.

"Like, it is not about remixing a song it is about representing it to the younger generation to tell them about our culture and where it came from. Our stories are going to be the best stories in the world. Rather than stealing stories here and there and putting it back," Shah Rukh said at an event here. The actor said it is necessary to archive Indian films and convert it into digital content for the coming generations. Shah Rukh Khan Tries Instagram’s ‘Ask Me a Question’ Feature and His Replies to Questions on ‘F*CK’ to ‘Poop’ Are Just Sooo SRK!

"I feel some things should be archived. We have film division and people are doing it. My wish is to have archival centre and it can develop digital content for children. We often lose old things. "Film is a very impermanent medium and from the digital stuff we can retain, learn from it." The superstar was in conversation with Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis at "Mumbai 2.0" event here. Shah Rukh expressed his desire to contribute in the field of education.

"Since childhood I used to like teachers a lot. I wanted to become a teacher. In my field I have the opportunity to create something. And I want to do something for education." The actor believes now that everything is available on Internet, one has to learn to differentiate between good and bad content. "With social media, media has become a larger platform than it was with television and films whether it was International films or shows. Social media is making everybody media savvy." Shah Rukh lauded the resilience and patience of the city of Mumbai and it's people. He said he is thankful to the city for making him the star that he is today.