Captain Marvel New Footage Shuts Up Haters; Fans Says This Should Have Been the Trailer
Captain Marvel New Look (Photo Credits: YouTube Marvel Entertainment)

A new one and a half minutes long footage of Captain Marvel has arrived on the internet. And fans are left wondering why Marvel Studios did not begin their promotional spree with this video. You see, the first trailer of the upcoming Brie Larson starrer superhero film did not receive a good response. Fans went to the lengths of calling out Brie not being charming enough on screen. The second trailer of Captain Marvel did some damage control but it was not enough. Some fans still had their reservations. But, boy, has the new footage blown everyone away.

On YouTube, the comments section for Captain Marvel's New Look is filled with not only praises for the video but also remarks about people retracting their original judgement on the film.

Captain Marvel New Look Gets Praised (Photo Credits: Marvel Entertainment YouTube)

Captain Marvel New Look Is LIT (Photo Credits: Marvel Entertainment YouTube)

Here Read Some Tweets Saying the Same:

Well, with the upgrade we are totally in the Captain Marvel vibe as well. May the movie smash all box office records and motivate Marvel Studios to make more female-centric superhero movies. And may Captain Marvel pave way for Avengers to defeat Thanos.