Patrick Stewart is no stranger to playing iconic roles in big franchises. He achieved his popularity by playing the role of Captain Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generation and ever since then has revered in the world of Sci-Fi. While of course his work on Star Trek: The Next Generation was quite influential, you can’t deny that his turn as Charles Xavier aka Professor X in the X-Men films is still some of his best work. It’s a role that made him win the hearts of comic book fans and is still considered as one of the finest castings in the realm of Superhero films. Star Trek: Picard Episode 1 Review: Patrick Stewart's Jean-Luc Picard is Back With the Same Moral Conscience and All Set for New Adventures.

He portrayed the character in seven X-Men movies and every time portrayed it so elegantly that it’s hard to critique his performance. So for his 81st birthday, we are taking a look at seven of his best Professor X quotes.

Professor Snape Would Disagree...

Professor X Quotes - X2: X-Men United (Photo Credit: LatestLY)

Wonder Why He is Still Friends With Magneto?

Professor X Quotes - X-Men: Days Of Future Past (Photo Credit: LatestLY)

...And He Gets Killed in the Very Next Scene!

Professor X Quotes - Logan (Photo Credit: LatestLY)

Hope is All What We Have These Times!

Professor X Quotes - X-Men: Days Of Future Past (Photo Credit: LatestLY)

Ahem... Someone Tell This to Our Leaders!

Professor X Quotes - X-Men: The Last Stand (Photo Credit: LatestLY)

Professor X Can Be Sassy!

Professor X Quotes - X2: X-Men United (Photo Credit: LatestLY)

And Of Course, The Iconic of All Lines!

Professor X Quotes - X-Men (Photo Credit: LatestLY)

Patrick Stewart is presently continuing his role of Picard in the Star Trek sequel series, Star Trek: Picard. With X-Men being folded into MCU, it is definitely a loss to not have his Professor X rub shoulders with the likes of Doctor Strange and Bruce Banner.

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