John Abraham Pushing and Hitting Fans Will Let The Macho Star's Fanclub Down! Watch Video
John Abraham Loses His Cool (Image Credit: Stock Photos)

The otherwise polite, courteous and gentlemanly John Abraham pushing his fans and beating them is a sad sight to behold. This video will surely let any die-hard fan of the star down. The visuals show the 45-year-old  physically abusing some desperate fans who are getting way to close for comfort to click a selfie with him. John is seen using his might...err muscle power to beat the ordinary people who perhaps waited for him for that one memorable moment to be captured on their cellphone!

Here's something we want John to get. Popular cricketer Dwayne Bravo famously said in an interview that such is the power of stardom that you can make a fan happy just by clicking a selfie with him, which otherwise would take a tremendous effort for ordinary beings. You can make someone's day by obliging to click a selfie and give you fans a memory to cherish for a lifetime.  Looks like Johny boy must be reiterated that lesson. Batla House New Poster: John Abraham's Look The Most Controversial Cop REVEALED! View Pic

John must have done whatever he is seen doing here, we assume, due to security concerns. Some fans do get out of control and display unsavoury behaviour and even cross the proverbial Laxman rekha which can annoy anyone. But physically abusing someone is not done at all! Fans can either make you or break you! It is sad that John had to resort to doing something as harsh as this to drive those selfie enthusiasts away from him!