Singer Demi Lovato Steps Out of Rehab, Looks Sober
Demi Lovato (Photo Credits: Getty Images)

Los Angeles, November 5: Singer Demi Lovato, who is sober since over 90 days, stepped out of rehab here and looked clean and radiant. It is unclear whether Lovato has been permanently checked out of rehab or merely took a short break from the facility three months after she was admitted following a drug overdose. Lovato visited the Matsuhisa restaurant in Beverly Hills on November 3, and enjoyed the experience with clothing designer Henry Levy. They smiled and laughed away through the dinner, reported

Lovato was in rehab for 90 days. She suffered a drug overdose on July 24, and was hospitalised for 10 days. She went into rehab at the beginning of August. Demi Lovato’s Hospitalisation After Alleged Heroin Overdose Prompt Fans To Pay Tribute Through #HowDemiHasHelpedMe.

She also visited a Beverly Hills spa over the weekend.