Rakshit Shetty is returning to writing with his upcoming film, Punyakoti. The Kannada actor is using the time on his hands during the lockdown to finish writing the film. Speaking to a news portal, he said that the story of Punyakoti is intense and layered. In his early years, Rakshit was into scriptwriting but says that he has learnt nuances over the years and Punyakoti is not the simple stuff he used to write. Rakshit Shetty Returns to Social Media to Clear the Air Around His Breakup With Rashmika Mandanna.

"But it has put me in a different thought process for sure. My focus has only been on writing and rewriting, and the exciting part is that I have finally cracked the plot and the structure of the film. I have completed around 40 pages and have 50 more pages to go through. I am ready to lock myself in, until I finish the script, " the actor said.

Rakshit further added, "There was a time when I didn’t know the nuances of writing. Even though I read a lot of books on writing, I would just write with a flow without realising the structure. My writing would be more or less like describing a film. With experience, I have got into an organic process with regard to structuring the film. I make sure it fits inside the formula, and it has now become a case of objective as well as subjective writing."

Ralshit was shooting for the film, 777 Charlie, when the lockdown was imposed. Apart from Punyakoti, the actor also has Sapta Sagaradaache Yello and Richie to look forward to. The actor has written films like Ulidavaru Kandanthe, and the first draft of Kirik Party and Avane Srimannarayan.

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