Asur 2 Review: In 2020, when the first season of Asur hit Voot Select, people couldn't stop gushing about it. Rightfully so. If the story was thrilling, performances were apt to elevate the entire experience. So it's quite obvious that the sequel is much anticipated. Arshad Warsi and Barun Sobti return with an equally engaging sequel. But it does derail often. Asur Season 1 Review: Arshad Warsi, Barun Sobti’s Thriller Series Succeeds in Keeping the Mystery Alive and Binge-Worthy.

Nikhil (Barun) is a mess after losing his daughter to the machinations of a psychopath serial killer and is on the verge of losing his wife Naina (Anupriya Goenka) to divorce. He is thus popping pills and still pursuing the maniacal killer who believes it's time for Kali to descend on Earth. He has Nusrat (Riddhi Dogra) to support him. A guilt-ridden DJ (Arshad Warsi) spends time in a monastery in Himachal. He has no intention of returning to CBI's forensics team but Naina's persuasion and a miracle boy's words encourage him to bring the culprit to book.

What has worked for Asur is the good blend of mythology and new-age technologies. That's a combination not many can imagine but the makers here do a commendable job at it. Asur always enjoyed a good pace. Despite the personal lives of the characters intersecting with the manhunt, the series never falters in keeping people hooked on the proceedings. That is an ace up the sleeves because often a sequel fails to live up to the pace established by its predecessor.

The investigation and the big reveals have always been the USP of Asur. It continues to be so. There are parallel investigations being conducted on Shubh (the culprit). One that follows rules, led by Nikhil and another with DJ in the lead, trying to dig up more dirt against Shubh stealthily. And both get good time to evolve and converge.

What however bothers here is that Rasool Sheikh, played by Amey Wagh, is still part of the CBI team. Even if you rationalise this by saying only DJ suspected him and not others, the character's graph is disappointingly drab. He just lurks in the background, sometimes grunting, sometimes making stern faces. The writers for the better part of the series don't explore the whole concept of having a mole in the team.

DJ is aware that Shubh keeps a tab on everything he does and yet he is not subtle about his investigative process. Is it just foolish defiance or a strategy; we couldn't figure out in the eight episodes we saw.

The taking over of the case by the anti-terror squad with a new head played by Meiyang Chang doesn't really add much to the storyline. Could have been omitted and the series would have still remained the same. Asur 2 Full Series in HD Leaked on Torrent Sites & Telegram Channels for Free Download and Watch Online; Arshad Warsi and Barun Sobti's Show Is the Latest Victim of Piracy?.

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Performances continue to be great in the second season. Arshad Warsi's coldness can match Shubh's dangerously sadist and deluded sense of reason about Kalyug. He matches the culprit's energy really well. Barun Sobti keeps it subtle and manages to shine all through. Women are decent but the scene stealer is Vishesh Bansal who plays Shubh Joshi. His deadpan sermons about what's right and wrong as per our scriptures and the twisted yet unshakeable beliefs are just fantastic. In fact, he would manage to sway even the most rational human being you know.


-heady pace and engaging

-Vishal Bansal

-Good performances


-No character building for Rasool Sheikh

-No attempt is made to find the mole

Final Thoughts

Asur 2 stays loyal to the engaging and pacy narrative of the original which makes this a winner too.  But it should have fixed a few anomalies that are quite evident. Asur 2 streams on Jio Cinema.



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