Beyhadh 2 Episode 1 Review: Jennifer Winget Returns as a Colder and Bolder 'Maya' in This Promising Revenge Drama
Jennifer Winget in Beyhadh 2 (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Sony TV has brought back it's extremely popular daily soap namely Beyhadh 2. Beyhadh was a hit amongst the fans with its fresh content when it started. No one really anticipated Jennifer Winger's obsessive-lover character, Maya, to be such a beautifully written flawed character. All those who expected a mush fest in the first instalment eventually fell in love with Maya's madness. Naturally, the demand for the second part started. After teasing the fans for the longest of time, the makers are here with the second part where Jennifer is reprising her role as Maya in an entirely new plotline. Beyhadh 2: Jennifer Winget's Maya Promises To Be Your Best Illusion And Worst Enemy

While the last season was all about Maya's crazy emotions and obsession for her lover, this one is all about hatred. The first episode starts with the backdrop of Mumbai's vast sea and Maya's shenanigans. We get to see the actress in an even more ravishing avatar with revenge written all over her face. Also, set in the maximum city, the story also has a rich Bengali family around whom the story revolves. Maya is on a silent chase of a wealthy businessman Mrityunjay Roy aka MJ (Ashish Chaudhary) and his two sons Rudra Roy (Shivin Narang) and Rishi Roy (Rajat Verma).

Obviously, the makers made sure that they do not reveal much of the plot in this prime episode itself and left us with many questions. It is established that Maya is hell-bent on taking her hatred to another level through repetitive dramatic dialogues about 'beyhadh nafrat!' The scenes seem too loud with caricaturish dialogue deliveries by the main characters. The makers have gone a bit extra to emphasize the fact that Maya is a VILLAIN. Beyhadh 2: Jennifer Winget Almost Broke Her Nails While Shooting For The Promo(Watch Video)

However, what remains thankfully constant is Jennifer's flawless expressions! Apart from the fact that she looks amazingly stunning and modish from the beginning itself, she also makes the serial watchable. The parts where Jennifer struts in her high heels and bold lipsticks are the best ones from the entire episode. Also, kudos to the team who handles her wardrobe and makeup as they have turned her into a perfect seductive vamp. It looks like Jennifer has picked up Maya from where she left or probably as if she never let go off that character from her mind really!

Prateek Shah directed Beyhadh 2 is everything you would expect from a prime time show on the Indian television. But what makes its stand apart (yet)is its slightly hatke plot. If nothing else, Jennifer's stellar performance, killer expressions and pretty avatar is enough of the reason for the fans to stay glued to the serial. The first episode looked promising and only time will tell if the hype was all worth it!