Presented by Dr Xand Van Tulleken, the Sony BBC Earth Documentary titled 'Coronavirus: How to Isolate Yourself' is a perfect watch in this COVID-19 pandemic as it educates us rightly on this crucial topic very well. The world is in panic and facing the wrath of this epidemic that has caused more than one lakh deaths globally and this is why there is a need of seriousness and self-isolation to tackle this big hurdle in our lives. The documentary presents facts with logic and brings insights from experts in the field of medical science that puts light on the necessity of self-isolation. Dynasties Review: David Attenborough’s Educative Narration on Endangered Wild-Life Is Matched With Aesthetic Visuals.

The documentary also showcases different individuals on face-time sharing the experience of their quarantine time; it also shows COVID-19 affected ones sharing their bit too which would make us conclude about the dos and don'ts more likely. The backdrop of this informative well-researched documentary is the UK and the host Dr Xand Van Tulleken follows the social distancing parameters while interviewing professionals like the professor of Intensive Care, virologist, nutritional psychologist and a London School of Tropical Epidemics professor sharing their valuable inputs on the importance of self-isolation and how it is the only way to slow down this contagious pandemic. Seven Worlds, One Planet Review: David Attenborough's Narration and Hans Zimmer's Music Add Charisma to This Moving Nature-Based Documentary Series

Moreover, dry cough, sore throat, fever and headache are some of the symptoms of the COVID-19 flu, and Dr Xand also demonstrates the point of self-isolation as why there is a need of following a two meters distance from one another. A nutrition expert also shares her expertise as she recommends us what kind of food to stock up in this lockdown. More importantly, it is just not about 14 days or a couple of months but we need to get in the neck of social distancing for a year or two from now on to stay safe is what the medical experts from the United Kingdon makes us realize. Information, insight and suggestions to deal with COVID-19 pandemic are what this impressive Sony BBC documentary provides us with. A Must Watch!


- Dr Xand Van Tulleken and other experts valuable insights

- Dos and Don'ts to survive the COVID-19 Pandemic

- Nutritional and Fitness Tips to Follow in Coronavirus Crisis


- The fact that social distancing and self-isolation is not about days or months, but must be followed for one or two years.


One hundred years ago, there was Spanish flu, that led to the death of more than three crores people globally. Now the world, in 2020, is dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and the only choice we are left is social-distancing and self-isolation. This won't stop the epidemic quickly but would surely control it or slow down. Get educated about the importance of self-isolation and how to manoeuvre a new routine to your lifestyle, which will help you deal with panic and anxiety. Watch Coronavirus: How to Isolate Yourself's Indian premiere on Monday, 13th April at 9 PM only on Sony BBC Earth.

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