Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 January 8, 2019 Written Update full Episode: Mishka Suspects Something is Cooking Between Anurag and Prerna
Anurag and Prerna of Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2. (Photo Credit: File Image)

Today’s episode of Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 starts with Prerna (Eric Fernandes)coming in Anurag’s (Parth Samthaan) room to search the file and suddenly sees a pen fallen down so picks it up and keeps it in the table. While seeing the books on the table flashbacks all that happened between her and Anurag. Prerna remembers telling Anurag that he is boring and always in his books, Anurag takes her hand in his hand and ask Prerna are you getting the feeling now and tries to come too close to her. (Tuje yaad kar diya hai tera  track is played in the background).

Prerna sees Anurag’s photo and talks with him about her feelings which she wanted to share with Anurag himself. Suddenly Mishka comes and asks Prerna why is she talking to Anurag’s photo. Mishka remembers Komolika telling her to be alert from Prerna. In the police station, Shivani goes to meet Ronit, and slaps him and ask him how dare he take her name. Shivani tells Ronit that he does not even remember the promises he has done with her that he will marry her. Shivani asks Ronit why he sent his sister to their home and that Komolika was blaming her for all this. Shivani cries and tells Ronit that his sister is telling her characterless, she tells Ronit did she ever ask anything from him then why he did this to her. Shivani tells that she feels so ashamed that she loved him.

Mishka questions Prerna as to what was she talking with Anurag’s photo. Prerna tries to make false excuses and change the topic and narrates an imaginary story to her. Prerna tries to avoid Mishka and tells she has to go.  Mishka calls her out and tells her to sit and that she wants to talk to her. Mishka tells Prerna that they were a couple when they were in London but now it has been two years that they are stying apart. Mishka asks Prerna to tell something about Anurag like did he had any girlfriend or anyone he liked to spend time with, she tells Prerna as she is his friend she might know it. Prerna tells that she does not know anything.  Mishka questions Prerna how did she not have any feeling for Anurag till now, Prerna answers her by saying that she was a fool and that they were just friends and when Navin came in his life that time her and Anurag’s friendship blossom as he helped her from Navin. Anurag did not care about his life and saved her. Suddenly she gets Anurag’s call and she had to leave.  Mishka thinks something is there between these two that she will find out.

Shivani is angry and shouts that he has spoilt her life but when she leaves, Ronit holds her from back and hugs and tell her that he loves him so much. Prerna reaches the office and asks for Anurag in the reception.   Suman comes in Shivani’s room and on not finding her tells god knows now where she is gone.  Shekar comes and scold Suman for telling such bad words for her  Shivani and shouts her. Suman tells Sekhar that she cares for his sister but they both are destroying their life in love.  Suman tells Shekar that before telling her it is better to go and tell his sisters. Prerna is waiting for Anurag and admiring him when he is doing his work (pal ek pal mein tam sah gaya tu haath ju dey gaya track is played in the background). Prerna thinks that no one can stop loving Anurag as he has a good heart and he loves everybody

In the precap,  Moloy giving Anurag love lesson.