Naagin 3 9th September 2018 Written Update of Full Episode: Shaan Professes His Love For Bela
Photo Credit: Colors TV/ Episode Stills

Today's episode of Naagin 3 starts with Bela(Surbhi Jyoti) and Mahir spending some time together. Mahir wishes Bela a three month anniversary and also says that he has to tell her something.

Bela gets nervous as Mahir gets close to her. Mahir gets a call, and as he attends to it, Bela notices a shadow passing by. She walks away and sees the girls with Shaan walking on. She follows them and bumps into Vish.

Vish convinces her that she imagined the girls. Shaan too comes there and tells Bela that he was serving his fiance some coffee. Bela returns to her room to find an angry Mahir.

Mahir asks Bela why is it that she has no sensitivity for him and walks away whenever she likes. Mahir threatens to go away and asks Bela to tell him what she feels for him.(Also Read: Bela And Vish Turn Against Each Other)

Mahir kisses her and asks her to return the kiss in the party the next day if she feels anything at all for him. Poulomi and Anu meet as Poulomi asks Anu if she does not want to finish Vish now.

Anu says that she does not want to do anything of that sort anymore. Poulomi goes away, and Anu seems to be in a trance as she opens the door to Shaan. Anu too is in Shaan's power.

Next morning Bela prepares for breakfast as she remembers seeing some women last night. Bela decides to find out more about Shaan. Shaan walks up to her and flirts with her.

Sumitra prepares for the party with Bela as Poulomi comes and irritates Sumitra. Sumitra lashes out at Poulomi as Bela pacifies Sumitra. Sumitra sees Anu and calls out to her, but Anu does not listen.

Anu takes a knife and walks off, and Bela follows her. Sumitra is making some calls when Shaan walks in playing his flute and charms her too. Shaan orders Sumitra to make good preparations for the party.

Shaan walks around charming Poulomi too and tells her that she and Sumitra are good friends. Bela finds the women again, and Vish tells her that they are her guests.

Bela worries about why everyone in the house is acting weird. Bela searches for Sumitra and finds her with Poulomi happily feeding each other. Bela is shocked to find them doting over each other. Bela calls Mahir to tell him about weird vibes in the house.

They are not able to hear each other properly though. Bela asks Kuhu where the male members of the family are. Kuhu starts acting weird and gifts Bela a set. Bela is shocked as Kuhu calls her BHabhi and acts all sweet.

Bela knows that someone is playing some game. Bela gets ready and comes down, and the women say that she is going to unite with her soulmate. Bela finds it weird and wonders what they are talking about.

Vish too joins in to congratulate Bela. The celebrations start. Bela is shocked when Sumitra and Poulomi too start dancing. Bela tries to wake Vish asking her to escape as Anu will kill her.

Anu stabs Vish and Bela starts screaming for help. No one seems to be bothered. Shaan walks in and tells Bela that all of them are his slaves. He tells Bela that he is love with Bela and Vish was just a way. Shaan asks the ladies to get Bela for their wedding.

Shaan walks into the woods as the ladies take Bela. Mahir returns home to find no one at home and remembers Bela telling him that something weird is happening.

Shaan says that he wants Bela to come to him by her own free will. Vish wakes up and hears Mahir searching for Bela. Bela keeps screaming as they procession walks into the woods.

Vish has woken from her enticement, and she remembers everything clearly. Vish understands that she dragged Bela into a huge danger and decides to save Bela anyhow.