Naagin 3 8th September 2018 Written Update of Full Episode: Bela And Vish Turn Against Each Other
Photo Credit: Colors TV/ Episode Stills

Today's episode of Naagin 3 start with Vish walking out of the room and Bela(Surbhi Jyothi) following her. They meet at the old haveli. Vish tells Bela that she will kill anyone who comes in the way of her love.

Vish reminds Bela about her motive of coming here and says that Vikrant was her love. She asks Bela if she has fallen in love with Mahir and forgotten about Vikrant.

They lash out at each other and fight as there is a storm near the haveli. Shaan and Mahir reach the haveli searching for Vish and Bela. They find the ladies as the ladies lie to them about coming to the haveli for a phone.

Shaan tells Bela that he is indeed in love with Vish and that if it were up to him, he would have changed what happened to Anu. Mahir asks Bela why she is so concerned about what happened to Anu.

Bela says that the pain Anu went through is unfair. Mahir says that sometimes things work out that way. They look at each other as they remember their moments together.(Also Read: Mahir Kisses Bela)

Bela explains that she did not want to share the space with Vish, so she walked away. Mahor is hap[py that Bela cares about his feelings too. As they walk away, we see three ladies standing there discussing about the next day.

Next morning Bela wakes up to a letter from Mahir. He has arranged for her favourite breakfast. Mahir gets romantic as he calls Bela. Later Bela finds out from Mahir's laptop that Shaan is not real and that the real businessman Shaan is still in London.

She confronts Vish about it, and she tells her that she already knew. Vish stops Bela from exposing Shaan. Shaan is seen walking in as the girls from the night before are seen walking with a box.

Shaan changes his form to that of a snake charmer. He takes his flute from the girl and starts playing. Vish walks to him charmed, and he thinks that she cannot escape his charms. Shaan reminds Vish of the time at the haveli when he met Vish, and he enticed her.

Vish is entirely in his power. Shaan reveals his name to be Shahnawas. He asks Vish to get Bela to him. Bela too hears the sound of the music and is left incapacitated to think.

The nagguru recognises the sound and realises that everyone will lose their power to think. Naguru thinks that he can even entice the nagrani. Bela walks to the old haveli following the sound.

Bela finds Shaan there and confronts him about lying. Bela threatens to expose him, but he says that she too has lied about her identity. Bela knows that something is wrong.

The family returns home and wait for Vish and Shaan. Sumitra reminds Bela and Mahir about their 3 months party. Shaan and Vish also arrive there, and Andy invites them for the party.

Anu feels jealous of Vish. Adi asks Mahir to confess her feelings for Bela. Adi thinks that Bela will be insulted in the party. Bela is lost in thought about Shaan and Vish as Sumitra walks in.

Sumitra asks Bela what she is thinking. Mahir walks in and asks Bela to accompany him to room as he wants to speak to her. Bela is hesitant and tells Sumitra she has some more work.

Bela hears Shaan calling out to her, and soon she gets Mahir's call asking her to come up. Poulomi agrees to help Anu to insult Vish. Bela walks into the room to find it decorated and lit. Mahir reminds Bela of the time they were lost in the jungle and took refuge in a cottage. Mahir says that he has recreated it for her.