Bengaluru's 'One Pet Per Flat' Rule Put on Hold by City Mayor Following Strong Opposition
The 'one pet per flat' move stands on hold (Photo credits: Facebook/Dog owners)

The Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) civic body of Bengaluru stirred up a controversy when it announced new regulations for dog owners. Along with the pet licensing bylaws the civic body also got in a rule allowing only one pet dog per flat for apartment residents. Pet parents and animal activists were not happy with this new rule and called out a campaign on social media #NotWithoutMyDog. Pet parents who were comfortably accommodating two or more dogs hit back saying they could make a choice and would the civic body put a limit on children as well. Social activists called this move as an encouragement to abandoning dogs. And looks like all the agitations and campaignings has pronounced a victory. Bengaluru Mayor Sampath Raj acknowledged the concerns expressed by the angry pet parents in the city, and the move has been kept on hold.

“In many apartments, there is more than one dog and people are keeping them as pets. The dogs are like family members. And to suddenly abandon any dog is like giving away their son or daughter, which they don’t want to do,” the Mayor said. He further said, "We are withholding this [byelaws] until we further discuss with the council and we’ll talk to our officers as well. Till the time we take a final decision, let the status quo remain." Other than the licensing rules the BBMP had also issued a list of breeds that would be approved to be reared in the apartments. The list eliminated the popular breeds like Golden Retriever, Cocker Spaniel, Beagle or the Indian stray, which further angered the pet parents to these breed of dogs.

The 'Not Without My Dog' movement on social media proved fruitful as those who are not even residents of the city, too joined in the sentiment of the pet owners. The campaign trended well on Twitter, bringing it the much-deserved attention. All of this has worked in favour of the residents. It is also being said that opinion of the public would be taken into consideration before taking this matter ahead. This shows great hope to those pet parents and activists who actively made the civic body take notice of the spelt draconian law.