Durex India Tweets About Spider-Man's Departure from MCU, Says 'The End Came Too Soon'
Durex India on Spider-Man (Photo Credits: Twitter)

The fans of the MCU are heartbroken all over the world. After the deal between Sony and Disney over Spider-Man rights went off the rails, the superhero is no longer a part of the MCU. The future of Spider-Man is uncertain at the moment. Of course, fans were furious to know that the character they emotionally invested in for the past many movies will not be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe anymore. Durex India shares the sentiment. The social media team of the condom brand is always on a lookout for trending issues that they can cash in on. The brand's latest post on Spider-Man's MCU exit is also spot on. And, funny, we will admit. Marvel Actor Jeremy Renner Has A Polite Petition To Bring Back Spider-Man From Sony - View Tweet.

The official Twitter handle of the condom brand shared a minimalistic image of the web-slinger. But the stunt they pulled off was that the eyes of Spider-Man resembled sperm cells. The poster read, "The end came too soon. The feeling is mutual," with the hashtag #SaveSpiderMan. Ryan Reynolds Has A Solution To Marvel's Loss Of Spider-Man, Make A Movie Featuring Deadpool and The Web-Slinger!

Check Out The Tweet from Durex Here:

In the recent past, Durex has used Chandrayaan 2 for promotions. Also, Sacred Games has been used by the condom brand. So, has been Ranveer Sigh and Deepika Padukone's wedding. Avengers: Endgame, Section 377's removal, Indian rupee breaching 69 mark against the dollar; all these events have been used by the condoms to spread laughter, awareness and earn some sales at the same time.

Speaking of the main event, Sony has confirmed its disassociation from Disney. But Sony also said that they are open to the possibility of working together again in the future given Kevin Feige leads the Spider world.