Hridoy Hasan, a well-known face on social media at present. as well as a digital creator. musician and an entrepreneur. He has already become a celebrity by making awareness videos along with business. He promotes various images of the society on his YouTube channel and Facebook page.

He has three YouTube channels and three Facebook pages, where he highlights the happenings in the society. The total number of subscribers to his three YouTube channels - about 1.5 million.

And the total number of followers of his three Facebook pages - more than 3 million. As a result, the talented man received three of his first YouTube awards, the Silver Play Button Award, for his three YouTube channels.

I am overjoyed to receive this recognition from YouTube. "In the beginning, I thought I would get so much love from people in such a short time," he said. And the audience will love me and my works so much. All the time I wanted to do something exceptional. And we are working accordingly in phases.

In 2017, my first video was uploaded from my first YouTube channel (Shopno Chowa Tv). Then I started working as a video maker on YouTube regularly from 2018, then my journey to another new YouTube channel started. The name of the channel (SC TV) then I create another YouTube channel under my own name, whose name (Hridoy Hasan) I started working with Facebook pages from 2019, I created three Facebook pages with the same name of my three YouTube channels. Then began the work of uploading regular awareness videos on YouTube and Facebook. Besides, I have done many kinds of dramas for my own channel. Where I have also acted myself. But now I am working on Social Awareness, focusing on various happenings in the society, which is still going on.

InshaAllah as long as I am alive, and as long as Allah Almighty keeps me healthy, this work of mine will continue like this.

I always try to present different images of society through videos. My various well-wishers encourage and support me a lot in this work. So I am always grateful to them. And not to mention those.

I have reached the pinnacle of this success only with the infinite mercy of Almighty Allah and the love of the audience. So I would like to express my gratitude to Allah Almighty. And thank you to all my audience. Because today's I am for you.

In addition to his current business, he is regularly busy with his YouTube channel and Facebook page.