Gustavo Geraldes, entrepreneur and founder of Home Sales Club, expresses how certain things and people have influenced his success as well as journey to entrepreneurialism and even his daily habits. Geraldes offers a few a tips and pieces of advice that are sure to help any aspiring entrepreneur take the right steps toward a successful journey.

The first major advice that he offers is to understand that “Imperfect Action Makes You Rich”. Gustavo express that this was a phrase that was a printed on a mug he received from his first mentor and it resonated with him all this time. What he explains about it is that, failures allow for reinvention. He tells how obtaining real feedback from your audience can help you tweak designs and enhance the product on the second time around.

He then goes on to share that “He Who Tests Most Wins”. By this, he explains that those who are working on something will achieve complacent results. Gustavo tells that setting up a team that can split test every small detail of your product, service, processes and marketing efforts will allow you to gather all the necessary information to produce better results. He goes on to explain that it is imperative to constantly be testing in order to improve your previous best performing assets and that this is the key to a consistent growth. Having a team to dissect all the moving parts will only make the improvements more optimal.

The third piece of advice Gustavo offers to aspiring entrepreneurs is that if you are entering into a partnership, it is necessary to find a business partner who complements your skill sets. It is important to find someone who has different strengths than you as this will allow the both of the partners o stay in their own spaces and focus on what they are best at and avoid any type on inference with each other.

Additionally to finding a business partner who can be complement your strengths, he stresses again to become exceptional at one thing. By this, Gustavo expresses that it is pivotal to have a skill set you can be recognized for and that it is unnecessary to be a master of everything. Being extremely great at one skill or talent is the key that will ultimately lead you to more work opportunities, partnerships and clients. He also suggests that in order to finely tune your skills, to find a mentor that can guide you along the way.

At the end of the day, Gustavo lets us in on one important lesson he has learned through his journey to entrepreneurialism; find a mentor in your industry. He claims that this will fast track your success but do not expect the guidance to be free. He expresses that you must be willing to find a way to pay for the mentorship as it will provide you with even more later. Finding the right mentor will bring in more financial success than the initial cost.