Kashmiri Family Allegedly Thrashed by Neighbours in Delhi, Accused Deny Charge
Kashmiri family allegedly beaten up in Delhi (Photo Credit: Video Grab/Youtube)

New Delhi, May 11: Three Kashmiri women and a man were allegedly thrashed by residents at a colony in Delhi last night. In a video clip that went viral on social media, it was seen that there was a scuffle between two women. One of them was heard screaming because of the injuries she received during the scuffle. The residents had surrounded the family and were holding sticks. The incident took place at Sunlight colony in south-east Delhi last evening.

According to a report published in NDTV, The Kashmiri family that was assaulted told the police that they had been harassed in the last few months. The family also alleged that the neighbours allegedly targeted the men and women for being Kashmiri and shouted "Kashmiri ugrawaadi (extremist)" at them. The group was repeatedly asked to leave the neighbourhood. According to the family, last night, they were cornered by around 40 people.

"There are complaints from both sides. There were complaints earlier too. We are investigating," reported NDTV quoting senior police officer Chinmoy Biswal. According to one of the Kashmiri women, her sisters were abused and beaten up. She had a broken left hand and one of her guests who had come to visit us was also attacked. It was a planned attack and the accused were carrying hockey sticks. She also alleged that people didn’t come to help them, but rather kept making videos. The family had also asked for police protection.

However, a neighbour gave a contradictory version. The neighbour alleged that the Kashmiri man misbehaved with women and this the main reason of the fight.

According to the report, Sangeeta Tripathi, one of the women involved in the fight, said: "A man from that family regularly misbehaves with women in the area. I lodged a complaint against him for molestation in December. Last night too, the man and his friends abused me and misbehaved." She also claimed that she and other residents were carrying sticks because of a dog menace. Ms Tripathi also alleged that the Kashmiri woman beat herself to inflict self-injuries and she snatched the stick from the woman to stop her.