Delhi: Man Residing in Shalimar Bagh Kills His Two Children Before Committing Suicide by Jumping in Path of Metro Train
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New Delhi, February 9: A case of suicide was reported in the national capital on Sunday, with a man said to be a resident of Shalimar Bagh killing his two children before jumping in the path of a metro train. The person's body has been recovered by the police department, which launched an immediate a probe into the matter. Mumbai Man With Suicidal Thoughts Asks to Know Punishment For Committing Suicide, Police Intervene And Save Him.

A preliminary investigation revealed that the deceased, whose identity was yet to be disclosed, had murdered his two children at their residence based in Shalimar Bagh. Their bodies would be sent for autopsy to gather more evidence in the matter.

After killing his three family members, the man jumped before a speeding metro train to end his life. He was mowed to death by the train, with his mutilated body parts later recovered by the police officials.

Update by ANI

The police investigation revealed that the deceased was "unemployed" and suffering from "depression". This could had drove the person to murder his two children, before committing suicide, the police said. However, other angles of the investigation would also be looked into by the probing officials.