Kolkata Shocker: Daughter, Son-in-Law Arrested For Killing Mother, Alert Neighbours Click Video While Culprits Dispose of Body
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Kolkata, August 26: In a shocking incident from the city, Police have arrested a 21-year-old girl and her husband with whom she had eloped a few years back for allegedly killing her mother and attempting to dispose of the body in the wee hours of Sunday. The alert neighbours suspected something was amiss and therefore, they shot a video when the culprits were trying to dispose of the body in Behala. They alerted the police as well on time. West Bengal Shocker: Murder of Two Couples Give Sleepless Nights to Kolkata Residents.

According to a Times of India report, the neighbour who shot the video, found the duo to be carrying something heavy with them, wrapped in a red and white blanket and a trolley. They found it really weird that someone was carrying something heavy at that point in the night.

The neighbour shot the video and she alerted the neighbours as well. Next morning, another neighbour while cleaning the street in front of his house saw the trolley and found the feet of the victim to be jutting out of the bag. A knife was used to slit the victim's throat and a piece of plastic was used to cover her face.

The reason for the murder was revenge because the deceased didn't approve of her daughter marrying her husband and wanted her to divorce him. She further suspected her daughter has turned into a drug addict and didn't approve of her lifestyle. The daughter who committed the crime had a few years ago attempted suicide, and at that point of time, the neighbours, along with her mother had rushed her to the hospital.