Curiosity helps people grow in ways that can lead to success. In case of Entrepreneur Ravi Patel, this has happened for real. 9 years ago, Ravi was just a Computer Science Engineering student. He was good in studies and quite focused too. But he had this urge to do something different. That's when he decided he wants to blog.

In 2012, blogging wasn't established at a big level. Yet, Ravi Patel made sure he finds out anything related to it so that he can pass on knowledge, ideas and information about his field to those who seek it. That's when he learned about Google's ''. He made an account and shared his views, insights on the field of Computer Science engineering.

When he was studying and blogging simultaneously, Ravi Patel realised how this will be a big thing in the future. So he decided that one day he will have his own business where he will provide services related to blogging, SEO, digital marketing etc. But to achieve the same, Patel had to take lots of efforts.

After finishing his engineering, Ravi Patel did a 9-5 job. But he wasn't feeling creatively satisfied in it. So he finally decided to turn his dream into a reality. Years of Hardwork and curiosity to try something out of the box in 2012 helped Ravi to now earn a 5-digit monthly salary in dollars.

Now, Ravi Patel is an owner of a successful digital marketing and web development venture called Sync Web Solution in Gujarat's Vadodara. It is one of the best companies that has skilled engineers like Ravi working. It is also one of the most trusted brands that has helped in the betterment of several businesses with their top classy services.

Ravi Patel is ecstatic to reach at this level in his professional life. Being an entrepreneur is something he aspired when he made his first blog. After 9 years, he is helping many like him to walk on their path of entrepreneurship.