Uber Revokes Suspension of Mumbai Driver Who Took Jaipur-Poet Bappadittya Sarkar to Police Station Over His Conversation on ‘Anti-CAA Protests’
Mumbai BJP President Felicitates Uber Driver (Photo Credits: ANI)

Mumbai, February 12: Suspended Uber driver Rohit Gaur, who took a poet to Mumbai's Santacruz police station for talking about anti-CAA protest, has been reappointed by the ride-hailing company on Tuesday, February 11. An Uber spokesperson said that Gaur will be sent to the re-sensitisation workshop, which will focus on proper conduct with customers, driving etiquette etc. Mumbai: Uber Cab Driver Takes Poet Bappaditya Sarkar to Santacruz Police Station After Listening His Conversation About 'Anti-CAA Protests'.

“High-quality service is something we strive for every day. Following our internal review and to meet our standards, we enrolled the driver for re-sensitisation of our policies and community guidelines,” said an Uber spokesperson, Hindustan Times reported. Mumbai BJP President MP Lodha Felicitates Uber Driver Who Took Poet Bappadittya Sarkar to Santacruz Police Station After Listening His Conversation About ‘Anti-CAA Protests’.

The Uber driver on last Wednesday overheard 23-year-old activist Bappadittya Sarkar talk about anti-Citizenship Amendment Act protests and recorded his conversation. The cab driver then took him to a police station in Santacruz and reported Sarkar, asking his arrest. The poet was questioned by Mumbai Police and later allowed him to leave after no substance was found in the case.

Gour told cops that Sarkar was "anti-national" and was talking about dividing the country. Sarkar, a Jaipur-based poet, had visited Mumbai to take part in an event in 2020 Kala Ghoda fest. Sarkar also took part in a demonstration against the Citizenship Law in Mumbai Bagh.