"One has to constantly learn and hone their skills in social media to ace the game of social media consultancy," says the leading consultant.

Deciding on to do something is just the beginning; the actual journey starts after that; the choices a person makes and the courageousness one shows defines the success he may get in his respective industry. People are going gaga over the social media wave and the kind of opportunities it has presented them with. However, to create a career on the same, where there is already too much competition, can get a challenging game. Simone Ferretti, who is already a well-known name in the social media space, has created a success story for himself that has inspired many other young talents across the world and all those who wish to replicate success like his as a social media consultant.

People already know how with perseverance and passion; they will have to move ahead in building a strong career for themselves as a social media consultant. But the journey may get easier if they build certain good habits along their path, explains Simone Ferretti.

  • Be prepared: Simone Ferretti says that people have to accept that the market is already saturated. Hence, they have to be mentally prepared to not offer the same old services that customers may find from anywhere else. He suggests people to prepare more for creativity and out of the box thinking.
  • Do some pro-bono work: The start of the career is always more challenging. Hence, it is essential for aspiring social media consultants to initially do some pro-bono work to attract clients and prove their skills and abilities to them through the same, to gain more work in the future.
  • Be clear on the sales pitch: What you are, how you plan to move ahead as a consultant and what different you offer are things professionals must first question themselves. Then they must work around this and prepare a grand sales pitch, showcasing their skills and what sets them apart.
  • Get updated: Always be up-to-date with the latest social media trends, which will help people to always be ahead of others. Adapting to these trends will help them achieve their definition of success.

Simone Ferretti has previously enthralled people as a model, and since the time he jumped into becoming a photo/videographer, content creator and online coach with his courses on social media and photography, he has never looked back. His success on TikTok and Instagram speaks a lot about his success, and that's what has inspired many others worldwide.