So many of us have had to work odd jobs to get through college; from being a nanny, to dog walker, to a virtual assistant. Chris Keef painted homes. There is so much character development you acquire from going through such a stage. For Chris Keef, this offered a taste of the freedom that comes from the entrepreneurial world, a light in a dark tunnel that would seem so far away, especially when he landed a 9-5 job.

The Benefits of Entrepreneurship

There are many benefits in entrepreneurship, the most compelling of them being freedom, or rather, the flexibility to create a life around your desired schedule. Chris Keef enjoyed his sales jobs; the traveling, the aspect of meeting many different people, and the chances he had of getting a promotion. He enjoyed the experience, the different markets he was exposed to and the myriad ways of manufacturing he saw around the world. Even so, he had a deeper calling. Chris desperately wanted to be the captain of his own ship and so he came up with a timeline for himself.

January 1, 2013, was the last day he ever worked for someone else. He took it upon himself to help others who have long desired to enjoy the freedom and structure of entrepreneurship. He values and appreciates the experience that motivated people have and his advice for them is to keep a steady focus on their vision and find a community or a coach that will champion your cause and help you achieve your ultimate goal.

Keep The Drive

It is completely natural to desire more. If you ask Chris Keef he will tell you that a deep calling for you to be the best version of yourself is hardcoded in our DNA. You are capable of optimizing and having full control of every aspect of your life; be it health, relationships, financial success, or purposefulness. If you are an entrepreneur longing to elevate yourself or if you are grinding away in a 9-5 job and are desperate to get out, here are some tips from Chris Keef.

It Is Not Always Necessary To ‘Just Quit’

According to the US Labor Department, a record 4 million workers quit their employment in April alone. Meanwhile, job opportunities in the United States are on the rise, with a total of 9.2 million in May. While it may be tempting to storm into your boss's office and exclaim, "I quit!" this is generally not the best strategy. Make sure you have a strategy in place before submitting your resignation letter. People frequently believe that a job search will take a few weeks but, in reality, it will most likely take a few months at the least. The same applies to launching and scaling a new business. Now is the best time to start a ‘side hustle’ and build that into a substantial business, all while working full time. But you need an extremely high level of discipline, focus, and attention to the right actions to take.

Quick Tips

Take some time to consider what you want to do next before quitting your work. Keep in mind that figuring out what you don't want is just as important as figuring out what you do. Visualize the life you desire. After that, perform some self-reflection and write down your ideal work description. You'll be ready to look for roles that fit your vision once you've completed this activity.

Then it would be time to get in touch with Chris Keef or a couch of your preference. Most times, all you need is a coach to take you through the obstacles that may hold you back. This will be the person that would not judge you through your concerns, but would instead help you work through the self-doubt and the breaking down of the strategy so that eventually you can go beyond your expectations. It is very hard to ‘see the label from inside the jar’ so an exceptional coach will hold you accountable, will teach you to be accountable to yourself and help you achieve every goal that you put in front of yourself.