"I don't like to gamble, but if there is one thing I am willing to bet on, it's MYSELF" 

That's how the young entrepreneur Divya Gandotra loves to define herself. Combating all the lows and embracing all the highs, this young lady has achieved so much in her life and setting an inspiration for all the girls out there who are still struggling to make their dreams come true. Well, Divya was exactly the same girl-next-door who believed in her dreams and hustled to make them true to the best.

Founder of a leading digital marketing agency in Jaipur, EMIAC Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Divya Gandotra has always set her hopes high that helped her achieve the remarkable milestones in her life. Under the guidance and hard work of Divya, her company has been able to nurture a credible position in the global marketplace and emerge as an award-winning digital agency on a global scale.

Being a Computer Science graduate, the world of coding and algorithm never excited her. Instead, her mind and soul were entwined in the magic of words. She gradually realized how words could best shape one's voice and prove to be a great medium of communication. Of course, being a Gold Medalist in English Literature in her college days helped in mastering the language. But her sheer dedication and perseverance constantly fine-tuned her writing and communication skills.

"If your destination starts making you feel inferior, you can never reach where you want to. Challenge yourself and pave your own way to success." — Divya Gandotra

Divya knew she was not meant for a 9to5 job; it was not something that will be fulfilling to her life. Hence, she began her entrepreneurial journey by starting up a coaching institute, Eminence Academy. She taught English and communication skills at the institute. Everything was going well, but Divya still had the thirst of growing that she needed to quench. That's when she decided to enter the IT field and the world of digital marketing. This led to the foundation of EMIAC Technologies in January 2017.

We all know that digital marketing is brimming with opportunities, and Divya wanted to harness its potentials to meet the diverse requirements of the clients. EMIAC Technologies is a fruitful result of her visionary approach and unwavering determination. Her clients are spread across the globe that has undoubtedly contributed to the magnanimous growth of the company.

"I put my heart and soul into everything I do without worrying about the consequences. I guess we all must believe in our instincts and stay true to our values." — Divya Gandotra

Providing a wide range of services including content writing and development, blog outreach, link building, brand reputation and promotion, performance marketing etc., EMIAC Technologies Pvt Ltd has been able to carve out a reputable place in the digital realm in a short span of 3 years. Divya worked day and night to cultivate a strong IT team that comprises of digital marketers, creative writers, SEO experts, who helped in taking the company to greater heights.

She started as a freelance writer and began building a strong base of clients that helped while setting up the digital agency. Initially, she concentrated on content writing, as it was her forte and gradually moved onto other digital marketing services. Presently, EMIAC is working for some renowned brands like Myntra, ICICI Bank, Zivame, Yes Bank, UpGrad, Dream11, Lottoland, Crocs and many more!

When we talk about all the glitz and glory in Divya's journey, everything was not always a cakewalk for her. Indeed, some hardships and struggles were thrown her way, but she kept on believing in her principles and always gave her best shot to emerge successfully. Instead of sinking deep in regrets, she took inspiration from her failures and laid out plans that can lead to success.

"I believe everything happens for a reason, and if you are sad about something right now, don't worry, one day you will definitely realize why it happened the way it did."

Divya Gandotra is undoubtedly an inspiration to all the young girls who have been dreaming about stepping out in the world and prove their identity. Her entrepreneurial journey from a regular Computer Science graduate to digital agency founder has positively influenced plenty.

Kudos to the empowered and ambitious Divya Gandotra and wishing all the success and glory to her. May she keep conquering milestones and weaving more success stories. Cheers!