Chhath Puja Songs by Pawan Singh: From 'Jaldi Ugi Aaj Aadit Gosai' to 'He Chhathi Maiya' Here Are Chhath Puja Ke Geet Every Vratin Must Listen To During 2019 Festivities
Chhath Puja Ke Geet (Photo Credits: IANS)

With Chhath Puja just around the corner, preparations, are in full swing. Right from decorating homes to collecting the puja samagri, families come together to make arrangements for the puja. However, nothing is complete without Chhath puja folk songs playing in the background. Although, Sharda Sinha's Chhathi Mai Puja songs are the best of classics we can get, emerging singers like Pawan Singh have taken the Bhojpuri entertainment industry by storm. Pawan Singh Bhojpuri Chhath geet are extremely popular. Listening and singing the folk songs during Chhath Puja and its preparation is a tradition that continues. Previously women would form groups and sing the hymns and odes for Chhathi Maiyaa and Surya Devta while fasting. Later, singers began to cover famous songs to preserve them.  Chhath Puja Geet by Sharda Sinha for Free MP3 Download Online: From 'Kaanch Hi Baans Ke Bahangiya' to 'Hey Chhathi Maiya', Best Bhojpuri & Maithili Songs for Chhath Vrat 2019

Amongst famous singers like Palak, Devi, Manoj Tiwari and others, Pawan Singh made his special place. He has been singing various types of Chhath songs, right from the ones about the legends behind Chhath puja, to the one that praises Chhathi Maiyya and seeks blessings from Surya Dev. Here are some of the famous Pawan Singh Chhath ke geet.

Lachkela Bahangi by Pawan Singh

From the album Kathin Baratiya Tohar He Chhathi Maiya, this song pleads for the Sun God to wake up. This beautiful song is like a pleasant wake-up melody for Surya Dev.

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Chhathi Mai Ke Ghatawa Pe Aajan Bajan by Pawan Singh

From the album Chhathi Mai Ke Mahima Apar, this song by Pawan Singh, praises Chhathi Mata and elaborates the warm welcome for the Goddess and Chhath Ghats.

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Mathe Daura Uthai Ke by Pawan Singh

This song describes the process of Chhath Puja and the devotion for Goddess Chhathi It expresses the dedication for the festival.

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Jaldi Ugi Aaj Aadit Gosai by Pawan Singh

This is another traditional folk song that pleads the Sun God to arise and bless us with his immense powers.

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He Chhathi Maiya by Pawan Singh

This song is an ode to Chhathi Maiya that expresses the glory of the Goddess while seeking her blessings.

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Chhath Puja and the folk songs hold immense importance. It is believed that Sun God(Surya Devta) and Chatthi Maiya (Sister of the Sun God), the sources of life and all the energy runs the world.  By worshipping the source of life on earth is our way of thanking the sun gods to exist and take care of us.  We wish you a happy Chhath to you and your family.