Happy Dussehra! The festival also called as Dasara or Vijayadashmi is being celebrated across the country today, October 25. It marks the last day of Navratri. Navratri 2020 began on October 17 and ends on October 25. The festival is celebrated with varying festivities across the country depending on the beliefs of people in a particular region. A popular tradition performed on Dussehra 2020 is the worship of weapons and tools It is called the Ayudha Puja. Often during the observance, people take to the internet asking 'Why do people clean worship vehicles on Dussehra?' Here we answer your query to why people worship their cars, bikes and trucks. On the morning of Dussehra 2020, drivers clean and polish their vehicles and perform puja, an age-old tradition and add a garland of flowers on it. Dussehra Shubhechha 2020 Images With Ayudha Puja 2020 Wishes: WhatsApp Stickers, Dasara GIFs, Shastra Puja Facebook Photos, SMS and HD Wallpapers to Send Messages of This Auspicious Day.

Worshipping weapons and instruments are called as Ayudha Puja or Astra Puja which means 'worship of instruments'. All things that help a person in their growth including pens, pencils and instruments are worshipped on this day. Artisans polish their instruments, while people who have vehicles dedicate the day to worship it. People worship their cars, trucks and buses and also draw a Swastik on it considered an auspicious sign during the Puja. They also apply rice and vermillion on it as a sign of goodness. Some also adorn in with flowers and mango leaves which is an auspicious sign.

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Ayudha Puja is mostly observed in South India. It is known as Astra Puja is Odisha and known by the name Mahananavami in eastern and north parts of India. In Sanatan Dharma, Dussehra is considered very auspicious and hence people buy weapons, jewellery and vehicles on this day. They also worship it as is believed it removes the inauspicious shadow from the vehicle and will be a blessing to its owner.

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