“It is human to err, it is divine to forgive”- this famous quote is applicable for all who wants to forgive and move on in life. Just like love, forgiveness is also an easy task; however, people fail to understand this most of the time. We all face different challenges in life and those who make us experience those challenges are often considered as bad. But we can still owe forgiveness to them.  It is indeed a special gesture. In any way, keeping grudges doesn’t let you move ahead in life, so it is always better to forgive and forget. And to celebrate forgiveness, Global Forgiveness Day is observed on July 7 every year.

History of Global Forgiveness Day

The CECA (Christian Embassy of Christ’s Ambassadors) founded Global Forgiveness Day in 1994. National Forgiveness Day was originally started in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada but later it was renamed as Global Forgiveness Day when it gained a lot of popularity across the world. Although, there is another Forgiveness Day that is being celebrated every year in the month of August and it was founded by the Worldwide Forgiveness Alliance. However, both the ‘Forgiveness’ days really highlight the same message that is to forgive and forget!

Significance and Theme of Global Forgiveness Day

The observance of Global Forgiveness Day helps us realize the importance of forgiveness. We should utilize the day as an opportunity to forgive our loved ones who always stay around us. If we are not on talking terms with someone or we are not happy with someone, then it is a good day to call up that person and revive the bond. If we ever got hurt by someone’s actions or words, then we must forgive that person instead of waiting to strike back and take revenge. And just like every year, the theme of Global Forgiveness Day is ‘Forgive’.

People who forgive easily are less prone to health and mental problems like anxiety, depression, and high blood pressure among others. Thus, it is always beneficial to forgive others and to forgive yourself too. Here’s wishing everyone a Happy Global Forgiveness Day 2021!

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