Independence Day 2018: 5 Reasons Why India is Better Than US, China And Many Other Nations
How Is India Better Than the World? (Photo Credits: File Image/LatestLY)

India, land of diversity, got its freedom on August 15, 1947. To get independence from the clutches of the British colonial rule, was nothing more than a fresh lease of life for the Golden Bird. Since then a lot has been achieved, and a lot more aspects are to be improved. In the past century; several countries across the globe got freedom from their colonial rulers, too. Some faced brutal militantism; some had to face acute poverty, while some faced the wrath of severe natural disasters.

After 71 years of Independence, India has a country a lot of aspects to touch-upon and improvise on its way to become a global superpower, still. Nonetheless, one cannot discount the good deeds done by the governments of the past. Also, a lot of individuals (the unsung heroes) also laid down their lives in India's development.

As India nears its Platinum Jubilee, we take a lot at its positives; a glimpse of what makes  India a potential superpower in the next decade or so.

1. India Vs China

As per the latest Global Retail Development Index (GRDI) Report, India has surged ahead of its neighbouring nation China. Currently, India sits in the second position, while China is ranked second in the GRDI report.

How Is India Better Than China? (Photo Credits: File Image/LatestLY)

The report takes into the factor or ease of doing business as one of the significant factors amongst many other factors to evaluate. India and China, are both tipped off to be the next big things in the world market. The Chinese ship might be sailing ahead of its counterpart, but given the demographic and other factors in mind, India is not too long away when it comes to surging ahead of China. For a fact, India surpassed China's GDP growth rate, recently.

2. India Vs the United States of America

The unofficial largest and the oldest democracies of the world, both India and the USA are on different pedestals altogether. While the US has, virtually, been the strongest of countries over the world, India is still taking baby steps. However, with all said and done, there are quite a lot of things in which the Indians have moved way past the US since it's independence.

How Is India Better Than the US? (Photo Credits: File Image/LatestLY)

It is a known fact that a lot of Indians constitute the top 'tech' positions in US companies. Keeping the size of the IT industry as the parameter, one can proudly say that India houses a bigger IT industry than that of US. Bringing the statistics into it, India's IT power sits only behind China, that too it is that will be swept away.

3. India Vs Russia

'The Presidential Elections in the US, in 2016, witnessed Russia meddling in their socio-political affairs through cyberspace', is one of the biggest allegations that has been in the fray for a long time now. The already cold relations between the US and Russia hit a roadblock again. Well, that's nothing that concerns India, directly.

How Is India Better Than Russia? (Photo Credits: File Image/LatestLY)

However, no matter how much we talk about Russia's strength in this field, but when it comes to numbers, India has four times the internet users that Russia has. Statistically, India has 491,292,635 Internet users, while Russia only has 110,003,284 users.

4.  India vs Pakistan

As per a recent Human Development Index (HDI) report, India ranks much higher than its arch-rival, Pakistan. Delving deep into the numbers' game;  India's HDI value is 0.624 and currently ranks 131 in the list. As for Pakistan, its HDI value is 0.550, and its way down on the 147th position.

How Is India Better Than Pakistan? (Photo Credits: File Image/LatestLY)

After 72 Years of Independence, India and Pakistan's relations have seen more downs than ups. And any comparison chart without being compared to Pakistan seems incomplete.

5. India vs Rest of the World

India, for many, is mocked as the third world country. The fact remains that it is not. Amongst all the countries in the world, India houses the maximum number of the young populace in the country.

How Is India Better Than the World? (Photo Credits: File Image/LatestLY)

Yes, you read it right. India may not be the youngest nation soon (it might become in due time), but India is home to 600 million people who are under the age of 25. It is the highest compared to any other country soon.

Still, there are a lot of things in which India is ahead of many other countries of the world. In some, the state is a leader, while in some it is raring to go and will be a leader in some time. As India celebrates its 72nd Independence Day, we feel proud to share some facts about our nation. Do you want to share any fact and figure with us? Write about India's glory in the comments section below.