Mokshada Ekadashi is observed on the eleventh lunar day of the fortnight of the waxing moon in the Margashirsha or Argahayana month of the Hindu calendar. According to the Gregorian calendar, it falls in December. Mokshada Ekadashi 2022 will be observed on Saturday, December 3. It is an auspicious day dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The legend about Mokshada Ekadashi is narrated by Lord Krishna to the Pandava King Yudhishtir in the Brahmand Purana and Padma Purana. Devotees of Lord Vishnu observe a day-long fast on this day and eat only vegetarian food, especially fruits and milk products. As you observe Mokshada Ekadashi 2022, we at LatestLY have curated WhatsApp messages and greetings that you can download and share with your loved ones as wishes, images, HD wallpapers and SMS. Mokshada Ekadashi 2022 Date & Significance: Know Vrat Katha, Parana Time for Breaking Fast and How To Observe Guruvayur Ekadashi Vrat.

Mokshada Ekadashi is also auspicious as on this day, Lord Krishna spoke the Srimad Bhagavad Gita to Arjuna on the battlefield of Kurukshetra, at the place that is now known as Jyotisha Tirtha. It is believed that anyone gifting Bhagavad Gita to a deserving person on this day is bestowed with profuse blessings from Sri Krishna. Therefore, distribute as many Bhagavad Gitas on this day to get blessings from Lord Krishna. You can also wish your friends and family with our collection of Mokshada Ekadashi 2022 WhatsApp messages and greetings that you can download and share as wishes, images, HD wallpapers and SMS. Margashirsha Guruvar 2022 Start and End Dates in Maharashtra.

Mokshada Ekadashi 2022 Wishes and Greetings

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WhatsApp Message Reads: Here’s Celebrating the Glory of Lord Vishnu and His Triumph Over Evil Every Time He Took an Avatar To Save Humanity. Happy Mokshada Ekadashi.

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WhatsApp Message Reads: Lord Vishnu Is the Preserver of the Universe. Let’s Offer Our Prayers to the Almighty Today so He Nurtures Us. Happy Ekadashi!

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WhatsApp Message Reads: This Vaikuntha Ekadashi, May You Be Blessed With Lord Vishnu’s Choicest Blessings. A Very Blissful Ekadashi to You and Your Loved Ones.

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WhatsApp Message Reads: On This Pious Day, I Wish That Lord Vishnu Accepts All Your Prayers and Helps You Wash Away All Your Sins. Wishing You a Very Happy Mokshada Ekadashi.

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WhatsApp Message Reads: Let Us Leave Our Ego Behind and Surrender Before the Compassionate Lord Vishnu. May We Get Rid of All Our Vices and Emerge As Better Human Beings — A Very Blissful Vaikuntha Ekadashi to You and Your Loved Ones.

Lord Krishna is an avatar of Lord Vishnu. Therefore, Vaishnavas observe a 24-hour fast in honour of the deity Krishna. The devotees who observe this fast worship Lord Vishnu and Lord Krishna on Mokshada Ekadashi. It is believed that those who observe the fast sincerely and worship Lord Krishna and Lord Vishnu with complete devotion can attain Moksha after death. Wishing everyone a Happy Mokshada Ekadashi 2022!

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