Happy Rath Saptami 2021! The holy fast is observed on the seventh day of the bright fortnight of Magh month. This year this fast will be observed on February 19 which falls on a Friday. According to Matsya Purana, this fast is completely dedicated to the Sun God. It is said that on this day bathing, charity and worship results in many thousand times. It is believed that bathing in the holy river or kund at sunrise on the day of Rath Saptami helps in getting rid of diseases. Good health is attained. This is the reason why this fast is also known by the name of Arogya Saptami. Ratha Saptami 2021 Date, Snan Muhurat & Tithi: What Is Arogya Saptami? Know More About the Special Festival Dedicated to the Sun God. 

Rangoli is made in homes. On the day of Rath Saptami, women make a portrait of him or his chariot to welcome the Sun God into homes. Along with this, Rangoli is made on the main door of the house. Milk is kept in an earthen pot in the courtyard and boiled by the heat of the sun god. Milk is then used to make bhog for the Sun God. According to mythology, Surya Dev appeared on the chariot of seven horses on the seventh day of the bright fortnight of Magh month. Because of this, this date is popularly known as the birth anniversary of Sun God or Surya Jayanti. We have for you Ratha Saptami 2021 wishes, Ratha Saptami Greetings, Ratha Saptami Kannada Wishes, Ratha Saptami Messages & Ratha Saptami Telugu Wishes! Check below:

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Ratha Saptami WhatsApp Message Reads: Yadyajjanna Krutham Paapam Mayaa Sapthasu Janmasu Tasya Rogamcha Shokamcha Samastham Hanthu Sapthami.

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Ratha Saptami Facebook Greetings Read: Cheekati Pai Velugu Vijayam, Adharmam Pai Dharmam Vijayam, Asathyam Pai Sathyam Vijayam, Anyayam Pai Nyayam Vijayam, Ide Ratha Saptami Sanketham. Ratha Saptami Subhaakankshalu.

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Rathasapthami WhatsApp Message Reads: Agnaanapu Cheekati Teralanu Dinchuthuu, Dedeepyamaina Tejassutho, Yedu Gurrala Ratham Pai, Vacche Aa Surya Bhagavanudi Prakasham. Mee Jeevitham Lo Velugunu Prasadinchanee. Ratha Saptami Subhaakankshalu.

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Rathasapthami Wishes: Bhaanu Saptami Subhaakankshalu

Ratha Saptami 2021 WhatsApp Stickers

As WhatsApp is widely used as an instant messaging platform, people also use it to send festive greetings and wishes. You can also download Ratha Saptami 2020 WhatsApp Stickers from PlayStore and send it.

It is said that the day of Surya Jayanti or Rath Saptami is healing. Worshipping Lord Surya on the day of Surya Jayanti is considered very fruitful. Suryadev blesses his devotees with good health and a boon of a happy life. It is said that worshipping Lord Surya on the day of Surya Jayanti frees devotees from all diseases. On this day people get up before sunrise and offer water to Suryadev. Worshipping the person facing the sun on this day helps in getting rid of skin diseases. According to beliefs, it is said that worshipping the Sun God strengthens the relationship between father and son.

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