Singles Awareness Day 2019: 5 Reasons Why It is GREAT to Enjoy Singlehood!
Singles Awareness Day (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Valentine's Day 2019 was celebrated enthusiastically by couples everywhere on February 14. And while some couples may be still reliving or reminiscing the way they spent their Valentine's Day, it is a day for singles today. February 15 marks Singles Awareness Day, a day that actually serves as a complement to Valentine's Day. For people who are not in a romantic relationship, it is a celebration of love between friends, family or promoting self-love. So those who ring in the Singles Awareness Day, do it out of their irk for all the Valentine's Week or Day that goes on. It is majorly celebrated in the UK. If you have been feeling too low or thinking too much about why you are single and keep stressing over it, let us give you reasons by being single is actually great! Anti-Valentine Day 2019 Wishes: WhatsApp Stickers, Unromantic Messages, GIFs, Facebook & Instagram Quotes to Send Greetings During Anti-Love Week.

You are bound to see all happy couples around you when you overthink your singlehood. And relationships may seem a source of ultimate happiness too, but being single is not too bad after all. It can be liberating if you discover the many advantages it has. On Singles Awareness Day 2019, let us give you reasons why it is great to be single. 5 Reasons Why You Are Depressed on the Day of Love and It’s NOT Your Fault!

5 Reasons Why It's Great to Be Single

No Sharing Food!

Congratulations singles, you do not have to share your last bite of pizza or even the crunchiest part of the samosa with your bae! A die-hard foodie would know the unwillingness of sharing your favourite food and if you are among those, then being single is a good choice. You can have all the cake by yourself too. Plus, no one to taunt you about your weight?

You Save Money

Relationships are an expensive affair, especially in today's time and age. Your partner would at least expect a fancy dinner date, movies, gifts or a getaway. If you are single, you will save a lot of money to yourself rather than searching for fancy places to go to every time.

Don't Have to Remember Important Dates

When was the first time you met? When did you propose and when was your best date? You don't have to remember all of this if you are single. Some people are really particular about these tiny details in a relationship and you do not have to stress over remember any of those.

No Dress to Impress

As much as you try being yourself and promise yourself to not change, it is not possible once you are in a relationship. You end up talking, dressing and behaving in a certain manner to impress them. Wearing your best clothes, frequenting the parlour before a date, all have done it. But if you are not even impressing anyone in the first place, you can live on your own terms. Go out in pyjamas or stay in shorts.

Learn to Enjoy Your Own Company

This is probably the most important advantage of being single that most singles do not realise. When you are single for a long period of time, you achieve a certain sense of independence. Your choices are not restricted by anyone and you can do whatever you want too, as long at it doesn't cause harm to anyone. There is a certain sense of liberation in being single. You also seek ways to enjoy your own company and it is one of the best feelings.

The list of advantages for being single can go on and on. But as much as being single is advantageous, there are several positives of being in a relationship too. And we are sure, those who are in happy relationships will have a counterpoint to each of the above points. But that doesn't make being single any bad. Make sure you get into a relationship, only when you really wish to and are ready to give that commitment to your partner. Till then, don't sulk over singlehood folks!