Every year on February 14, Valentine's Day (also known as Saint Valentine's Day) is observed with great fun and enthusiasm. The majority of the Western world celebrates it. However, it is observed as a working day worldwide unless it falls on a weekend. An early Christian saint named Valentine was the sole subject of the first "St. Valentine" holiday's liturgical commemoration (in Latin Valentinus). Poets added all the contemporary romantic meanings many centuries later. Valentine’s Day 2023 Gifts for Her: From Relaxing Bath Pillow to Rechargeable Hand Warmer, Here Are Some Beautiful and Thoughtful Gift Ideas for the Woman in Your Life.

During the High Middle Ages, when the custom of courtly love was at its peak, the day initially came to be connected with romantic love in Geoffrey Chaucer's social circle. People eagerly anticipate Valentine's Day as February draws near since this is the week in 2023 when they can declare their love for their partner. But it's not just Valentine's Day that excites the love bird around the world. In fact, the entire week leading up to Valentine's Day is considered special. Here we have for you the entire Valentine’s Week 2023 calendar.

Schedule for Valentine's Week 2023

Rose Day- February 7, 2023: According to the Valentine Week 2023 Schedule, Valentine's Day specifically begins on February 7 with Rose Day since rose flowers are typically given as gifts to express your love's freshness and delectable smell. A rose flower is actually offered since it stands for passion and love.

Propose Day- February 8, 2023: We observe February 8, 2023, as Propose Day. This day is ideal if you want to propose to your loved one and ask them to stay by your side forever. To do this, plan a special supper for your loved ones and make a proposal. This will make the partner's experience unforgettable and big.

Chocolate Day- February 9, 2023: Under Valentine Week 2023, February 9 is observed as Chocolate Day. Giving a box of chocolates or chocolate made with love to your partner is, therefore, a very important gesture because it's widely believed in current times that sharing chocolates improves relationships.

Teddy Day- February 10, 2023: We observe February 10 as Teddy Day following the Valentine Week 2023 schedule, which means that you can offer a teddy bear to your significant other so that every time they give it a hug, they will think of you and give them the impression that you are always with them.

Promise Day- February 11, 2023: Promise Day 2023 will occur on February 11. Promise Day is when you make vows and promises to yourself and your life partner. In fact, it is a form of creating a love contract.

Hug Day- February 12, 2023: Hug Day is observed on February 12, following the schedule for Valentine's Week in 2023. Giving your partner a warm, tight, and loving hug is a very beautiful way to show them how much you care about them.

Kiss Day- February 13, 2023: Kiss Day is also observed on February 13 as part of Valentine's Week in 2023. This day is meant to add depth to your relationship by showing signs of commitment and closeness through kissing. In reality, expressing affection to your mate helps to build your relationship.

Valentine's Day- February 14, 2023: Finally, Valentine's Day is the most romantic day, which will be celebrated on 14 February 2023. Love and romance are seen in the air all the time. On this final day of Valentine's Week 2023, Valentine's Day, you can plan an exceptional gift for your beloved, a romantic lunch, and an exciting, memorable adventure with your companion.

It's the month that immerses you in the depths of love and envelops you in joy. Valentine's Day is almost here, and take this time with the love of your life from the bottom of your heart.

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