India is a country that boasts of cultural diversity in unison. As each of the states practices a different culture, a lot of it also reflects in the food preparations. There is a lot of food diversity all over the country and one of the ways of getting it all on your plate is through a Thali. Thali refers to a round platter used to serve food which has a selection of various local dishes at one time. A Thali from each region boasts of the typical dishes that are prepared in the region and consists of close to 10 items on one platter or more. Now unifying all these varieties is a Twitter thread by user Vandana Jayrajan. She has made a thread of all Thalis that are available in India and what they essentially consist of. Nidhhi Agerwal Gives a Befitting Reply to Tom Nichols, a Professor Who Believes Indian Food is Terrible.

Twitter user Vandana Jayrajan has mentioned the cultural exploration of India through its Thalis. She rightly calls a Thali as "the best way to explore any regional cuisine." She goes on to list Thali of each state with a picture and what makes it stand out from another region. She has given detailed information about all Thalis that are served in different states of India in their alphabetical order. Chicken Biryani, Most Loved Dish in 2019, Indians Ordered 95 Biryanis per Minute From Swiggy in The Year: Report.

Check The Viral Twitter Thread About Thalis of India:

Assamese Thali

Andhra Thali

Bengali Thali

Bihari Thali 

Bhojpuri Thali

Chhattisgarhi Thali

Goan Thali

Himachali Thali

Jammu Thali

Kashmir Thali

Karnataka Thali

Gujarati Thali

Maharashtrian Thali

Rajasthani Thali

Punjabi Thali

Kumaon Thali, Uttarakhand

Thali From UP

Kerala Thali

Chettinad Thali from Tamil Nadu

Oriya Thali

Madhya Pradesh Thali

Sindhi Thali

She additionally also gave out information about other famous Thalis that are prominently available in the country like the Chappan Bhog Thali, Baahubali Thali, Daara Singh Thali. This thread is indeed a delight for any food lover who loves exploring into local cuisine and quite informative on the variety of food items that are made in the county.

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