Nidhhi Agerwal Gives a Befitting Reply to Tom Nichols, a Professor Who Believes Indian Food is Terrible
Nidhhi Aggerwal (Photo Credits: Instagram)

We are not being partial when we say that Indian food is probably the best of all world cuisines. However, that doesn't mean we find other dishes 'terrible'. It's an honest opinion where if you ask us to rank all the different world cuisines, we may put Indian at the top spot followed by other preferences and choices individually. So what happens when an academic scholar, Tom Nichols, calls our food terrible? Well, it certainly boils our blood and Munna Michael actress, Nidhhi Agerwal is no different. When Anthony Bourdain Defended Indian Food, The Only Vegetarian Cuisine the Meat-Loving Celebrity Chef Ever Loved.

The controversy surrounding Nichols started when he commented on Jon Becker's tweet about having the most controversial food opinion. He simply tweeted "Indian food is terrible and we pretend it isn’t." Yup, those are his exact words that's currently upsetting all the Indians worldwide. While his tweet was enough to enrage us, Niddhi's befitting reply was quick to calm us down. She simply tweeted what we all wanted to in a very simple language. Indian Eatery Gaggan in Thailand Ranks First in World's 50 Best Restaurants List Again.

Check Out Nidhhi's Befitting Reply

"Indian food is healthier than the fast food culture started by other countries. Lets not forget how we have always had alternatives to gluten unlike other countries where it is a recent development. Indian food is delicious and nutritious, no pretending here," she said while breaking his ignorant notion. 'Slow clap' for this pretty lady who had a perfect reply for his snobbish comment. And just in case Tom Nichols is unaware about Indian cuisine's popularity, he should check out what Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts and Lady Gaga have to say about it.