You must be eating all the fruits and vegetables you can for healthy hair, but what about seeds? Certain seeds contain a rich repository of healthy fats, minerals, and proteins that provide you with all the right nutrition for your hair. If you are experiencing hair loss, munch on these seeds rich in vital nutrients like oleic acid, iron, protein, biotin and calcium that will aid hair growth. They will give you thicker, healthier hair on the crown of your head.

Sesame or Til Seeds

You must be loving your til laddoos. But apart from the nutty taste, these seeds are full of minerals, vitamins, and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Including sesame in your diet will help you meet the nutritional requirements for healthy hair growth, and improve the quality of your mane at the same time. Hair Growth Home Remedies: 8 Superfoods That Will Make Your Hair Stronger, Longer and Healthier.

Groundnuts or Peanuts

Groundnuts are an integral part of Indian cooking. Rich in nutrients like biotin, proteins and omega 3, peanuts make for excellent hair food. Snack on them to prevent hunger pangs or use crushed peanuts as a garnish on your favourite dishes. Your hair will thank you. Does Iron Deficiency Lead to Hair Fall; From Eggs to Spinach, Foods One Must Eat for a Healthy Scalp.

Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are supremely nutritious. They are a treasure house of nutrients like zinc, iron, calcium, magnesium, vitamins A, B and C, all of which prevent thinning of hair. So, if you are experiencing premature baldness, eat these seeds to avoid further loss of hair.


Rich in Vitamin D, biotin, magnesium, fatty acids, calcium and zinc, almonds make for a complete hair growth food. Have a couple of almonds every day either soaked, roasted or ground into milk to boost your hair growth. Hair Expert: Foods that Can Change your Hair Health.

You may also want to add methi and sunflower seeds to your diet. Rich in protein, amino acid and niacin, both these seeds promote hair growth!

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