We are slowly inching towards normalcy even though we are nowhere close to eradicating the plague. But it is also true that we cannot remain home arrested for the rest of our lives. And while a lot of us are yearning to satisfy our wanderlust by jetting off on vacations, many of us are still wondering if it is even safe to travel right now. Some of us are longing to treat ourselves with a staycation in a hotel, if not a vacation. But are hotels safe? Here's all you need to know.

Can Hotels Carry Infections?

As with any public spot, hotels too, have the risk of transmission. When you are in a hotel, you will likely get in touch with objects or surfaces that came in contact with infected people and carry infection. Interacting with hotel employees could also put you at risk. Plus, the shared public spaces, like fitness centres, marketplaces or dining areas, should be off-limits. Any highly-used surfaces such as doorknobs, elevator buttons, pool railings, and even stair bannisters can pose an elevated risk. Travel Tip of the Week: 7 Ways to Stay Healthy On The Go.

Although many hotels have enhanced their cleaning regimes, the CDC advises against unnecessary travel right now because. The best way to prevent yourself from falling sick is to stay at home. It is crucial to recognise that COVID-19 is contagious even in asymptomatic, seemingly healthy people. Knowing that you could encounter a lot of people during travel, like in airports, rental car counters, and restaurants, it is best to avoid any such interaction. How to Safely Go Back to Office Amid COVID-19 Pandemic: Tips to Maintain Hygiene Habits and Avoid Unnecessary Contacts at Work Place.

How to Stay Safely in a Hotel?

If you cannot avoid staying in a hotel, you must practice more safety rules in addition to wearing a mask and practising social distancing. Get your spray and disinfectant wipes to go over all the surfaces in the hotel, including overlooked areas like the TV remote control and telephone. Also ensure that you ask for a room that no guests nor housekeeping staff, has entered in the past three days. This will ensure that any viral copies are deactivated before you arrive. World’s First Gold-Plated Hotel Opens in Vietnam Amid COVID-19 Pandemic, Dolce Hanoi Golden Lake Hotel Even Has Loos Polished in Gold (See Pics and Video).

Also, try and stay in hotels that have kitchens in the room and suites. That way, you will be able to limit your reliance on outside food and hotel food by cooking for yourself.

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