Smelly Feet Problem: What You Can Do To Make Your Tootsie Stop Stinking For Good!
Foot (Photo Credits: PXhere)

May be you wear slip-ons without socks or your feet tends to give out a reek general, we do not want to judge you. You are not alone here. Plus, your feet has more sweat glands than any other part of your body so it is only natural for them to sweat a lot. The bacteria on your feet, feeds on the sweat and gets stuck on your shoes generating a foul-smelling compound. So even if you manage to get rid of the bacteria, there will be a stench every time you sweat. Here's how you can get rid of smelly feet for good.

Trim Your Toenails

The first step to get rid of the bacteria in your feet and toenails is to practice good hygiene. Trim your toenails every two weeks and remove the gunk from the sidewalls your nails which build up a lot of gunk and odour. Wash your feet everytime you come back home and make it a point to also clean your socks and shoes regularly so that the stench never builds up.

Wear the Right Footwear

Are your shoe sizes right? A tight footwear can cause a lot of sweating so choose a pair with enough room and breathable material. Always change your socks and if you must wear PVC shoes, make sure that you wear a pair of fresh socks first. Treat Your Feet to Perfect Pedicure Regime.

Never Slide On Shoes with Wet Foot

Moist conditions can be the perfect environment for the bacteria to breed and multiply. Therefore, ensure that the areas between your toes are dry before putting on your shoes. To ensure that the insoles a dry, you can simply wipe a towel or a dry cloth before sliding into your shoes.

Invest In Leather Shoes

Agreed that leather shoes are pricey but your feet will thank you for keeping it cool and dry. Leather is a breathable and a flexible material that is better for your feet than any other plastic shoes that tend to trap sweat within the shoe. Side Effects of Deodorant: Here’s Why You Should Stop Using the Fragrances Now!

Use a Foot Deodorant

This may not sound very glamorous but it can help you sweat less and mask the odour. Alternatively, you can also soak a cotton ball in some surgical spirit and apply it between your toes after you wash your feet. French Manicure Is BACK! But With a Twist You Didn’t Expect.

Drink Plenty of Water

Keeping yourself well-hydrated is another great way to reduce the likelihood of sweaty feet. When your body is hydrated thoroughly, it is easier for the body to regulate body temperatures and you therefore sweat less and produce less odour.

Lastly, make sure that the socks you are wearing are weather-friendly. Wearing thicker socks all year round can make you sweat more during the warmer days. Also, ensure that the socks you wear are of a breathable synthetic blend.